16 Handmade Gifts To Celebrate The Ladies In Your Life This International Women’s Day

This Women's Day, give her a gift handcrafted with true meaning!

Here at GoodGuilt, we’re counting down the days until International Women’s Day with unique handmade gift ideas to celebrate the women who are part of our life. We just couldn’t keep calm but raise a toast to the extraordinary women in our lives by appreciating their (sometimes unnoticed) efforts, love, and above all – strength! Every woman deserves something special, from your mom, sister, mate to a coworker or your lady-love. So, pick from our selection of these 16 handmade gifts for Women’s Day to show her as much love, care, and joy, as when this special gift was being handcrafted for her!

1. Vintage Boho Gold Ring Set

Are you on the hunt for the perfect bohemian gift? Perhaps you’re looking for something unique and affordable to satisfy your woman’s free spirit or passion for a handmade gift? Then this Bohemian Rings Set is the perfect International Women’s Day gift idea. These rings are made of eco-friendly zinc alloy materials and feature stunning clear crystal stones. Apart from the fact that we’re a little inclined to these exquisite handmade gifts for Women’s Day, they’re highly trendy and may literally match any outfit your woman picks.

2. Artisan Soaps Gift Set

Is your ladylove obsessed with amazing-smelling Artisan Handmade Soaps just like we are? Then we’re certain that PlishPlashShop’s divine homemade gifts will not let you down on her special day. These heavenly pieces of luxury have a distinct citrus scent and a unique blend of oils and butter, Botanics, and essential oils. These soaps are created in small batches utilizing only high-quality, all-natural ingredients that would absolutely make excellent homemade gift ideas. This Women’s Day, make room for this gorgeous-looking and exquisitely perfumed top-to-toe gentle conditioning soaps!

3. Lotus Bathrobe

Who says a handmade card is the only way to go? We believe that handmade gifts for Women’s Day rarely do what a heartfelt note does to a woman’s heart. But this bathrobe, on the other hand, is unique. The Lotus Bathrobe is the nicest gift you can give your woman since it’s made of ultra-soft cotton features WFH wide sleeves and a soothing green print. It’s so comfortable that she might want to wear it every day! What should make you feel good about this purchase is that it was made by Indian artisans who paid fairly. So let your queen’s kimono robe do the talking this International Women’s Day.

4. Little Reminder Self-Care Gift Box

You kept thinking about the best way to make your lady happy and ended up looking for homemade gifts! Impressive. You intended to give her a handmade card for Women’s Day and ended up here! Great job! Congrats, because t his adorable Little Reminder Self-Care Gift Box lets you do both. Present her this gift with ‘A Little reminder that You are Amazing’ and trust us; she will cherish it for years. This pamper set includes a self-care product handmade with the best quality ingredients, as well as over ten flavors to choose from!

5. Annika Milky White Handmade Floral Bralette 

This International Women’s Day, treat your woman to the best lingerie ever! The floral bralette is so soft and feminine that she would feel like there’s nothing on her body. And, wait, this isn’t just any homemade gift; it’s one of the finest handmade gifts for Women’s Day as it has adjustable straps with beautiful lace triangle cups. Furthermore, it is handcrafted in Lithuania using lace fabric that meets OEKO-TEX® standards. “I can’t wait to give this gift to my ladylove!” did we just hear you say?

6. Long Hammered Copper Earrings

These Long Hammered Copper Earrings are undoubtedly one of the most stunning homemade gifts on our list. We can promise you that you might not find better handmade gifts for Women’s Day than Drahomira Jewelry’s exquisite earrings. The designs are all hand-drawn or digitally created and then partially polished for added texture. The best part is that you’ll receive these handmade gifts safely and attractively packaged in solid gift boxes that are ready for donation!

7. Pattern Play Scarf

Making fashion simpler and outfits more attractive, we’re sure this Pattern Play Scarf won’t disappoint the fashionista in your woman. The beautiful scarf is made of earthy tones and rich accents and has a swirling mosaic of designs. Indian artisans have meticulously crafted this cotton scarf for women worldwide who deserve such fashion accessories on Women’s Day or year-round! Keeping in mind it’s by Ten Thousand Villages (do we say more), it is a must-buy gift!

8. Bubble Tea Kit

A handmade gift made in the United States can now urge you to brew the drink you can chew. It’s simple to make a hot or cold batch of homemade boba with the Katie and Dustin Watts kit. It includes classic black and rooibos chai teas, tapioca pearls, and two reusable stainless steel straws and is meticulously hand-assembled in Georgia. “She couldn’t wait to get started,” said one user; we believe the Bubble Tea Kit is hands down the most useful Women’s Day gift ever!

Surprise your woman by making the black and rooibos chai bubble tea at home on this Women’s Day!

9. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Are you someone who believes a handmade card for Women’s Day can do wonders? Then this Garces’ Flower Heart Necklace is the one for your woman. Get your lady a symbolic one with an encased forever necklace in a heart she can adorn every day instead of the same old, dried flowers! Encase her month’s birth flower or even a special date 😉 (i.e., a carnation for January, a daisy for April, a rose for June, and so on) in clear, environmentally friendly vegetable resins that she can keep close to her heart, literally within a heart!

10. Beautiful Body Care Kit

To the men who realize their woman deserves all the skincare and pampering, this is the gift you should book right away! This Beautiful Body Care Kit includes two bars of handmade soap that are beautifully scented with coconut and cucumber, making it an excellent natural materials gift. It also includes a natural fiber body scrubber tied together in a palm leaf basket, which is bound to make her feel as fresh as a daisy. The cherry on top is handmade by women in India who are affected by HIV & AIDS, making this handmade gift for Women’s Day, what every woman deserves.

11. Personalized Dopp Toiletry Bag

It’s time for a mushy, mushy treat! With personalization at its best for just $4, you know, with this toiletry pouch, you’re ready to travel to a quick weekend getaway this International Women’s Day! The Dopp Toiletry Bag is cute, unusual, one-of-a-kind, and oh-so-practical! Your woman will stand out in her girlfriends with her initials on this bag, which holds all the little things like jewelry, keys, and accessories. With approximately four color options, this flawlessly convened stylish and spacious bag you know is the gift you won’t be sorry to get for the woman in your life.

12. Bubble Cube Beeswax Soy Candles

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’re on our way to grab these PRETTY floral-scented candles. The perfect artisanal handmade gift for Women’s Day, these aesthetically pleasing Bubbled Soy Candles are novel and make any room look more stylish. The fact that they feature 100% cotton wicks to ensure human health, as well as high-quality soy wax, is why we’re currently obsessing on this handmade gift idea. The one-of-a-kind, the eye-catching present is ideal for not only Women’s Day but also housewarmings and birthdays! But, wait. Did we just sort your gift list for the rest of the year?

13. Argan Oil Hand Balm Gift Set

These hand creams, which are fairly made, are one of the most amazing homemade gift sets available when it comes to giving your partner the most practical yet soothing gift. Why Bart’s Balm, you might wonder? If you’re looking for a handmade gift to pamper your lady’s lovely hands, the Argan Oil Hand Balm Gift Set will do the trick for her. (and you!) They’ve been specially curated to help soothe, heal, and moisturize a woman’s delicate hands and nails. They also had to be featured in this list of homemade gifs for Women’s Day since they are paraben-free and made with premium natural ingredients!

One reviewer wrote, “I can’t speak highly enough about this product. As someone who suffers from post-shave irritation, these balms are a godsend.”

14. True Compass Necklace

When traveling, there are two main rules: don’t get lost and always look incredible! The True Compass Necklace, fortunately for you, kills two birds with one stone. While this brass pendant necklace isn’t a working compass (that’s what smartphones are for), it’s a lovely reminder to be your own guide and to trust the route you’re on. This necklace has been handmade, with the shape and cuts being safely cleared by a demining agency into such stunning jewelry pieces.

15. Hurrem Sultan Tear Drop Cut Emerald Ring

The ring is so stunning and elegant that we couldn’t wait to show it to you, so instead, we tried it on ourselves! We’re currently swooning about this Tear Drop Ring, which has mid-century styling, an emerald gemstone, and the icing on the cake: it’s handmade. With Ottoman Traditional silver and bronze, the brand diligently creates lovely handmade gifts for all the gorgeous women there. This year for Women’s Day, we’re absolutely eyeing this handcrafted gift; how about you?

16. Bicycle Charm Bracelet

Not everyone has a desire for speed. However, some of us like the ride regardless of how sluggish it is! The Bicycle Charm Bracelet serves as a beautiful reminder to enjoy the journey. The bracelet has been made by artisans of Sapia and is by far the sweetest tiny handmade gift we’ve ever seen. We hope your woman finds love in this and receives this little gesture of joy on her special day.

We hope that these thoughtful gifts for the women in your life – whether your mother, sister, friend, coworker or the woman you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with – will be treasured for a lifetime. These handmade gifts for Women’s Day are exactly what you need to get her today and show the graceful women around you how much you care!

We hope you love the products we recommend! All products featured on GoodGuilt are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn a commission on the sale. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

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