12 Beautiful Finds You Wish You’d Have Come Across Earlier!

The cutest little internet picks, that will leave you in awe❤️

We believe that some of the best things in life are free! But, some beautiful finds do come with a price tag. We realize that finding all the most beautiful items on Etsy, from clothing and jewelry to home decor, can be tricky. This is why we put together the best Etsy finds to help you add some whimsy and fun into your life!

1. Celestial Moon Necklace

A delicate statement piece that celebrates the many beautiful phases of the moon! All of the Geo Minimalist’s jewelry is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Being one of the best Etsy finds, it is a perfect gift for someone special in your life. This celestial moon necklace, a beautiful find, has our heart, eyes (and, of course, our undivided attention!)

2. Girl Face Resin Planter

Having a bad day? This adorable little planter is on the way to perk up your mood! The resin planter is one of our favorite handmade Etsy finds – it will look adorable anywhere, from your office desk to your elegant coffee table. This beautiful find is suitable for growing succulents, herbs, cacti, or even other small plants and flowers.

3. Long Sleeve Ruff Design Dress

Just when you’re about to give up looking for that perfect dress, this one comes to the rescue! This exquisite Etsy clothing has the perfect mixture of boho and modern vibes! The handmade sustainable clothing piece, which also comes in two other stunning colors – black and red – is about to become one of your best Etsy finds to date.

4. Natural Clay Pendant Lights

These natural clay pendant lights are one of the most beautiful finds on Etsy. Its electrical fixtures are made as per international standards. This Etsy handmade lamp will illuminate your living spaces while also being safe for the planet. If you’re looking for a unique lighting piece to brighten up your home’s study or vanity room, this gorgeous lamp will do the trick!

5. Against The Current Ear Climbers

Etsy is a marketplace where you get all kinds of beautiful finds. The little hero on these sterling silver ear climbers is highlighted with golden enamel. The label Villa Sorgenfrei uses enamel on the golden stunner since it is more durable than gold plating! Sometimes, no matter what, you have to swim against the current, just like our little friend here 🙂

Pro Tip: For the most comfortable yet snug fit of this best Etsy find, use additional silicon stoppers for your ears.

6. Abstract Faces Art Coasters

These abstract coasters are proof that good things do exist! Made for beautiful homes and your inner artist, this Etsy handmade product is printed with unique designs to stand out. The tin corked-back coasters provide ultimate style and protection for your counters. These beautiful finds come in two variations – with KraftBox and MatchingBox.

7. Glitter Shiny Mesh

You’ll shine brighter than Rihanna’s diamond with these glitter shiny mesh! These Etsy handmade socks are made from soft and breathable sheer fabric with metallic yarn for a subtle yet striking style. Pair them up with heels, sneakers, shorts, or dresses – we’re sure this Etsy sustainable clothing piece will surely steal the show!

8. Kimono Cardigan

Being one of the best Etsy clothing items, this kimono cardigan levels up your fashion game. Based in Michigan, the brand Misspippatree’s ethical clothing line is so chic that it’s impossible to resist buying this kimono right away. Pair it with a tank top, denim, or shorts to create various looks for the fashionista in you!

9. Big Dipper Light

If warm lights appeal to you, look no further than these beautiful finds we’ve handpicked for you. With matte white and black powder-coated steel, this is one of the best Etsy finds for your cozy home. The conversation-starter 7 dipper lights are hardwired to be directly installed, so you can just sit back while it lights up your room, in style!

10. Liberty Scrunchies

You can’t talk about beautiful finds without mentioning these scrunchies! These accessories made from sustainable clothing fabrics like cotton come in a set of two in medium sizes, or you can get your hands on just one jumbo scrunchie. We can’t stop gushing about these beautiful finds as they come on a branded presentation card wrapped in tissue paper.

11. Macrame Polaroid Photo Holder 

Your guests won’t believe this beautiful find is only for $10! So hang this polaroid photo holder on your bathroom mirror or bedroom walls. This best Etsy find is made of 100% recycled plastic and eco-friendly fibers. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the wooden bead, and this macrame photo holder will serve as an essential oil diffuser.

12. Sunflower Vegan Leather Boots

We know your fashion quotient is about to skyrocket with such lovely Etsy handmade footwear! These sunflower boots are lightweight, durable, and breathable, with a sewn-in tongue for that extra comfort. Time to sport these vegan beauties with soles that offer a high grip level and have oil-resistant properties.

Or if you’re looking for some other ethical footwear options, check out these beautiful finds!

Of course, this is, by no means a comprehensive list; there are literally thousands of beautiful finds on the internet today! We hope you enjoyed this list with our best Etsy finds of these pretty products, as much as the person who handmade them for you, keeping the planet in mind.

So, which of these beautiful finds on Etsy are you getting yourself today?

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