10 Eco-Friendly Sunglasses That Are Stunning And Sustainable For The Summer

Shades for a 'stylish' day in the sun!

After my last pair of sunglasses was broken by a good (now not-so-good) friend, I realized I needed to do something to contribute more to the planet and less to trash. That’s how I chanced upon the idea of finding the best eco-friendly sunglasses!

Fortunately, with warmer weather on the way, it’s time for beach days, pool parties, and exciting get-togethers with friends and family! So, with summer approaching and the sun shining bright yet again, we know it’s time to protect our skin and eyes from the sweltering heat. So sunglasses, along with ethical sunscreens, should be at the top of your wishlist for the upcoming season. And yes, I was referring to eco-friendly sunglasses, for the rest of the summer!

How We Chose These Eco-Friendly Sunglasses?

With the arrival of sunny days, it’s time to bring out our favorite sunglasses, or even better, our eco-friendly sunglasses! Of course, we’d love for you to try some of the best eco-friendly sunglasses made from bamboo, cork, and recycled plastics, as we’re huge fans of sustainable eyewear ourselves.

With such benefits, these designs are not only a hit amongst GenZ buyers but are also at the top of the conscious consumer movement’s virtual wishlist.

Now, Our Top Picks For The Best Sunglasses Brands!

Now is the time to begin your sustainable journey by choosing sustainable sunglasses, which not only make sunnies eco-friendly but also super, duper cute!

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker, the sustainable sunglasses brand, has to be at the top of our list when it comes to some amazingly gorgeous shades. The sustainable eyewear brand, based in NYC, was formed to alleviate vision impairment and deliver some affordable, high-quality, and best eco-friendly sunglasses! More than 4 million people with vision impairment in over 50 countries have received eyewear – thanks to this incredibly generous and gorgeous eyewear brand!

Our Pick: The Nancy Cognac Tortoise is a super-cool, scratch-resistant lens that comes with 100% UV protection which is a definite must-have in your summer trip bag!

2. SOLO Eyewear

If there’s one thing that SOLO Eyewear is known for, it’s setting trends! Being one of the best sunglasses brands, SOLO has made its position in the market, and how! Their adventure-themed sunglasses began as a student project and have since been dedicated to the #LiveandGive mantra. However, the free US shipping and returns and the restoration of vision for over 13,000 people drew our attention to SOLO. In addition, the brand uses only eco-friendly materials like repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic to create their eco-friendly sunglasses. 

Our Pick: Honduras, the little sustainable beauties come with a custom travel case and microfiber pouch in color matte smoky blue. We’re lovin’ it!

3. SeaClean

You, yes you! Don’t worry; SeaClean is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

Say goodbye to the guilt of wearing unethical shades and hello to some beautiful, sustainable sunglasses. The brand’s biodegradable sunglasses are made entirely of repurposed plastic bottles; a pair of SeaClean shades only takes five bottles of water to produce. In addition, for every SeaClean pair of shades sold, they donate $5 to The Ocean Cleanup to support their efforts to make the ocean plastic-free by 2050. 

Our Pick: Despite having only two options for sustainable eyewear, SeaClean is sure to change the eye world with even more adorable styles in the future. Which of the two is our favorite? Black, duh!

4. Bonnie Clyde®

This sustainable sunglasses brand in Los Angeles literally stands out in unisex sunglass options and frame styles. Is there anything about Bonnie Clyde®’s ethically crafted sunglasses that we don’t like? Umm, certainly not! There’s everything you’d love as they are all unisex, fun, and vibrant! This is the best sunglasses brand dedicated to family production, high-quality materials, and a small workforce of just four people.

Our Pick: Show And Tell, Pastel Yellow is a color we’ve tried for ourselves and are crazy over! With DON’T LOOK AT ME” detailing on the left temple, these are unisex, scratch-resistant, and stylish.

5. Swell Vision

In addition to being the ultimate destination for sustainable eyewear, the brand also offers jewelry, clothes, watches, and accessories. Swell Vision’s products are designed with a single goal in mind: to support global sustainability. For example, all their shades are handcrafted, with bamboo frames and polarised lenses, made from sustainable sources. So this summer, and for many summers to come, don’t forget to wear these light, 100% bamboo framed glasses.

Our Pick: The Coco Black Bamboo Sunglasses have been made with sustainably harvested bamboo frames, and we can’t stop imagining ourselves in these beauties!


Recycled materials are used to make even the adorable little cleaning cloths and cases that come with these eco-friendly sunglasses. MITA takes five plastic water bottles and turns them into a pair of high-quality, lightweight, and incredibly cool sustainable sunglasses. They have some of the best sustainable sunglasses on the market (and our radar, too). In addition, MITA partners with non-profits to help clean up and protect our oceans and waterways. 

Our Pick: A softened cat-eye silhouette enhances the throwback glamour of lightweight, everyday sunglasses finished with MITA’s iconic logo details and sustainable sun lenses. We love these Brickell Matte Blush glasses, which you can pair with a smart tee and boots and take on the summer in style.

7. Eco

Hey, did you hear what we heard? Eco is a biodegradable sunglasses brand that uses 95% recycled metal and ocean plastic. The eco-friendly, sustainable build makes Eco a consumer favorite in the city. Based in NY, this sustainable eyewear can be donned all year long, in all weathers. Besides, these eco-friendly sunglasses are super fashionable – and the blue-grey frames get a definite thumbs-up! Oh, and each purchase leads to the planting of one new tree. Win-win!

Our Pick: Bring the heat with Dena! These oversized square cat-eyes have dramatic edges to give that extra level of flair. Blue Grey Tort, which has polarised lenses, has our eyes. (literally!)

8. WearPanda

WearPanda has your eyes covered with eco-friendly sunglasses made from sustainable bamboo if you’re looking for subtle-looking eyewear. You can now enjoy a bright day at the beach by knowing that every purchase from this sustainable sunglasses brand supports partnerships that give their staff training and help eye centers globally. 

Our Pick: The Bamboo Carver Sunglasses are bold, oversized wood frames with rectangular lenses that complement all faces. Get ready to flaunt these brown frames this summer!

9. Sunski

Made in San Francisco, this sustainable sunglasses brand took it to the heart due to the lack of options in the market; and that’s why they entered their very own sustainable eyewear. The brand uses scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills to create its highly trendy frames. So, if you’re on the lookout for some outstanding eyewear, this is a one-stop solution for you! Grab a pair for yourself and your adorable little ones this summer from Sunski today! 

Our Pick: GoodGuilt’s iconic take on the classic Tortoise Forest: The style and clarity of these Treeline sunglasses are uncompromising.

10. Proof Eyewear

Come on, didn’t we all know, Proof Eyewear was speculated to be here. Last but the best is the ultimate sustainable sunglasses brand which replaces your old frames through their recycling program. Today, a brand that began with wooden frames entered the eyewear market with recycled aluminum and acetate in their designs. They’ve now planted over 200 trees donated 1,200+ pairs of glasses. In addition, they have done so much more to help people with cataracts and in need of eye surgery. Want more proof that Proof is just amazing? Check out our fave.

Our Pick: Get ready to sport these beauties on your next trip or game, as they are water and sweat-resistant. And guess what? The Bruneau Acetate fits most faces types and sizes too!

On the sunny side, the above eyewear designs are a great reason to invest in a new pair of eco-friendly sunglasses! But make sure you’re not tossing your old shades in the trash. Instead, always recycle them and continue to do great things for the planet, just like you always have!

Yours Sustainably,

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