Best Outfit Ideas For 2022 That Will Make You Stand Out

These outfit ideas will make heads turn as you walk by!

Fashion is not only a fantastic way to express yourself, but it is also a practical approach to looking refined and stylish. It does not necessarily mean keeping up with high-end trends. It actually refers to looking elegant, true to who you are, and feeling comfortable in whatever you are wearing. 

True fashion is regardless of age, size, gender, or ethnicity – Fashion is a universal language! And with our tips on creating the best possible outfits, you’re bound to express yourself fashionably with grace and ease.

Building The Idea Behind The Outfit

A Good Fit Is A Well-Worn Outfit

best outfit ideas
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An outfit idea to make any look classy (read: expensive) is to ensure all the components are correctly fitted. Ill-fitting clothing can make even the most costly of pieces look cheap. Instead, invest in pieces that fit your existing frame. 

Do not buy pieces that fit the body you want or think you have. Instead, introduce clothing that comfortably sits on your body. When the dress is too tight, it can look provocative without intention. Clothes too large add bulk to the body structure that definitely doesn’t need to be there.

Pick your clothing wisely. Do not be afraid to take them to a tailor to adjust and alter them for a more streamlined look. Additionally, you can observe the rule of balance; for a sophisticated look, balance loose-fitting bottoms with a tighter fitting top or vice versa.

Follow The ‘Dress In Thirds’ Rule

dress in thirds

One of the best outfit ideas to look more polished is dressing in thirds. Unfortunately, when you wear clothing that cuts the body in half, proportions tend to get distorted. And that will cause the outfit to fail!

Dressing in thirds is looking at the body in three separate parts; from shoulders to waist, from waist to hips, and from hips to knees. Looking at the body like this helps craft a more calculated fit. For example, if you dress the lower two-thirds of the body in something sleek, balance it with some volume on the top and vice versa. 

Breaking down outfits into thirds gives you room to experiment with different styles while keeping the overall look chic. This can also help discover new trends that you didn’t anticipate would work on your frame. Don’t forget, getting dressed is practical, but also fun! So don’t shy away from experimenting. 

Build A Uniform (Not Literally!)

best outfit ideas

If you know a few key pieces look as great as they feel on your body, do not be afraid to pick up multiple colors in the same design. Try different colors and textures to elevate a classic yet comfortable look, if you have a penchant for wearing skinny jeans and sweaters.

Anyone unsure what their ‘uniform’ looks like – take a mental stock of outfits you tend to wear frequently or the clothes you use the most. Simultaneously, understand the dresses you get no benefit from and maybe find a donation space, thrift store, or clothes swap where you can donate them, guilt-free.

Once you start understanding which of your clothes get worn the most, you will know what you’re most comfortable wearing. Now, you can build some unique takes on a style that feels classic and comfortable to you.

Discover New Brands, To Discover More About Your Style!

Discover new brands

You may have spent loads of time looking for specific items from a brand, and the search might have been unsuccessful. This likely pushed you into purchasing what was readily available, making the shopping experience dull and the clothes feeling like they serve hardly any practical purpose.

The internet is a beautiful place to research and shop. A quick ‘Google’ search will show you several vendors ready to ship to your location, allowing you to buy what you’d like and what you’d feel comfortable with.

While the return process for pieces that don’t fit can be tedious, most companies offer detailed sizing guides. These sizing guides help you use your body measurements and conventional sizing, to make online shopping less intimidating.

Discovering new brands could reveal a whole new side of your style, your identity; maybe, it could even show you the pieces you need to be the person you want to be – the true ‘You’!

Confidence Is Key, No Matter ‘What’ You Wear

best outfit ideas

The trick to making any outfit look fabulous on you is to make sure you feel confident in it. If you spend too much time adjusting the outfit or feeling awkward in what you’re wearing, this could make even the best of outfits look like a bad idea.

Whether you’re into sweatpants and sneakers or prefer stable semi-formal attire, wearing your outfit with confidence will make you the best-dressed person in the room. 

After you put on your outfit of choice, keep in mind the best dressing ideas aren’t about making someone else feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. Instead, the best dressing ideas come from making you feel like the best version of yourself.

Building The Outfit:

Now that we’ve covered the basic ideas, here are some recommendations to help you build the best outfit for any family, social, or office event.

Color Coordinate, Trust Us, It Works!

color outfit ideas

Pick two or three colors that work well together and build your outfit around those colors. Everything from the pieces to the accessories and even the makeup must fit into those three colors, to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance that always looks amazing.

Add Some Textures To Your Outfits

texture outfit ideas

One of the easiest ways to elevate a look is mixing and matching fabrics. There is something so elegant about pairing chunky knits with fluid textures like silk and leather. Keep in mind the best outfit ideas are refined and straightforward. 

When mixing textures, try sticking to a simple color palette to avoid the eyes moving chaotically from one part of the outfit to another.

Go Bold With Color

color outfit ideas

One of the best outfit ideas is wearing something bold and punchy, depending on your personality. This could mean pairing neutrals with pastels or even neons. Mix and match until you find an outfit that truly represents you.

Creating something unique that stands out from a crowd is fun to make your outfits look amazing.

Go For Casual Formals – It Works Like Magic!

casual-formals outfit ideas

Another page right out of the best dressing ideas book comes from pairing casual and formal pieces together. Introduce a graphic tee to a structured blazer, a leather mini skirt with a blouse, tailored sweatpants, or sneakers with a pair of slacks. These elements that sit at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum can appear chic and polished when paired in elegant silhouettes and rich colors.

Drape Your Jacket Over Your Shoulders

jacket outfit idea

One of the secrets behind power dressing is introducing a structured jacket draping over your shoulders, like a cape for a casual yet put-together look.

The jacket introduces coverage without suffocating you during transitional looks. This way, the coat doesn’t have to be discarded during the evening, but can still play a role in keeping you elegant and warm when needed.

Accessorize Your Outfits To Increase Your Style Quotient

accessorize outfit idea

An easy outfit idea: elevate the existing clothes you like wearing, with some fun and sparkly accessories. The best dressing ideas often include jewelry, scarves, hair accessories, belts, shoes, and bags. With their interesting detailings, they can act as conversation pieces at any party.

However, do exercise caution. Do not go overboard. Assess your outfit before you leave the house and in true Coco Chanel fashion, take one accessory off before you head out.

Add A Little Sparkle, ‘Cuz Who Doesn’t Like Bling?

sparkle outfit ideas

If glitter isn’t your thing, fret not; adding a little sparkle can brighten up even the dullest of outfits. A metallic accent, light-reflecting fabric, and even an accessory can add a little glamour to any outfit to elevate it.

Make The Ultimate Monochrome Statement

monochrome outfit ideas

As much as we have discussed color and fabric pairing, there is nothing more put together than an outfit in a single color. There’s a reason all-black outfits have a way of looking consistently chic. Elevate this concept by introducing neutrals or white for a comfortable yet fresh take on monochrome. You can also go bold with a look in a solid primary color. 

There’s something about a person in all pastels that is not only eye-catching but also one of the best outfit ideas for a party.

Choose A Crisp White Shirt; it Always Works


A staple in any wardrobe must be a crisp, white shirt. Button-downs are truly a versatile piece of clothing. They have this unique ability to make any outfit it is paired with, look chic, and put together.

For women, adding a crisp white shirt to jeans, a pair of slacks, leather pants, and even a ballroom skirt (much like Carolina Herrerra) can create unique looks that speak volumes about style and personality.

For men, crisp white shirts with slacks or jeans look dapper. Swap out the shirt for a more relaxed look with a t-shirt to retain the polished appearance. But, make sure it is a more versatile piece that can move in and out of any event.

Remember: Style Is Subjective!

best outfit ideas

In all honesty, the best outfit ideas are the ones that make you feel like you. It doesn’t matter whether or not the pieces conventionally work together or are a trend at the moment. What is essential is that the clothing flatters your body in a way that makes you feel comfortable, and that you feel like the best version of yourself while wearing them.

Style is subjective, and you cannot please everyone. So do right for yourself! Wear what you like and break all the rules.

Experimenting with your style is the best way to discover the best outfit ideas that work for you. Step outside your comfort zone and try things you wouldn’t ordinarily gravitate towards. Alternatively, those pieces you’ve always wanted to wear but shied away from, we say, just go for it! Fashion is about freedom of expression! And as we said earlier, all you need to add is a dash of confidence, and suddenly, you’re the best-dressed person in the room.

Looking for more ethical and sustainable clothing brands that you and your closet will be proud of? We’ve got you covered, girls!

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