15 Amazing Fashion & Beauty Brands That Give Back To The Planet

Step into the world of brands that actually do something for you.

With new brands entering the market almost every day, the market appears to be as crowded as your closet. Of course, we weren’t being sarcastic at all. (probably!) But, with markets and wardrobes begging to be decluttered, thankfully, here are some of the new and pioneering brands that give back in both fashion and beauty that are doing a-mazing! Honestly, this was the best edit we’ve curated so far, and it makes us happy that some brands actually offer a little thank you in exchange for your used products.

Fashion Brands That Gratefully Give Back To You

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Being more sustainable with your fashion can appear to be an overwhelming journey with no clear starting point. To get you started, here are some brands that take back and their cool recycling programs to consider when you’re ready to get some extra $, discounts, or clear out that closet!

1. Levi’s

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We had to include Levi’s on the list of brands that give back, and you’ve guessed it right. It’s their hero product – the denim. Levi’s collaborates with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green and will gladly accept any old pair of jeans that have become a burden to you. They will then shred them to make housing insulation. The best part? You receive a 20% discount on one item. Levi’s, we must say this is a unique way to recycle and repurpose old clothing!

Also, Levi’s also makes it to the brands that recycle with its Levi’s Secondhand. This program buys used Levi’s products and sells them back to the customers in exchange for gift cards. Impressive!

2. Patagonia

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The brand Patagonia has a pretty good recycling program for the planet to reduce waste with an option for people like you (and us :P) to return products that make your wardrobe more cluttered. Everything at this brand that recycles is pretty simple. Simply mail them your items or drop them off at the nearest participating retail store to keep them out of overflowing landfills. To keep the Worn Wear wheel spinning, you can upgrade your clothes, get money back to buy new ones, and avoid dumps. In addition, you will be given credit to use toward another new or used item. Isn’t that very Patagonia-y?

3. Madewell

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Welcome to the world of Madewell, one of the best brands that resell and collaborate with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green. It will buy back your old denim and give you a $20 discount on a new pair of jeans. Yes, you read that right! Madewell is also a platform and brand that resells through ThredUp, the Madewell Archive. This is denim heaven, where you can browse pre-owned jeans as part of your devotion to reusing textiles. If this is too much for you, you can always bring your worn Madewell denim to their stores for mending, patching, and other repairs. They indeed are a one-stop shop for everything you used to once love. (No, not your ex!)

4. Girlfriend Collective

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Talking about a brand that gives back, enters Girlfriend. (no, not literally!) Apart from our love for this brand, it stands out for not using conventional materials in its products but for using recycled water bottles and fishing nets. So, introducing Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend with Girlfriend. The ReGirlfriend program repurposes old Girlfriend Collective compressive leggings into new pieces that can be worn again and again… and again. So, enjoy the $15 off your next purchase with a brand that gives back!

5. Reformation

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The clothing brand, Reformation has stepped up its sustainable fashion game by stepping into the world of brands that give back with its recycling program. It is a partnership with ThredUp where you can sell or donate your clothes; you once were like, “this is my fave!” However, being Reformation – is the best brand to resell, there’s a quality barrier to selling. But, once you know what you have is good to go, you receive Reformation credit for future purchases. And if you donate, ThredUp donates $5 to the Circular Fashion Fund, which further seeks to increase the circularity of fashion products.

6. Cuyana

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It is one of those brands that give back by sending a reusable bag to fill with items that are just taking up space in your closet. So, when you buy something from Cuyana and use the dedicated Lean Closet card at checkout, the brand will then send you a reusable bag to fill with items you want to get rid of. You can then mail the bag back to them, and they will give your donated clothing directly to women for those finding work and new opportunities through the brand’s non-profit partner, H.E.A.R.T. “What do I get,” you may wonder? You receive a $10 credit on your next Cuyana purchase!

7. Allbirds

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This shoe paradise, Allbirds does not hold sales, but it is quite possible to find a good deal on the brand’s website. In addition, it recently launched its recycling program, ReRun, a platform stocked with ‘gently used’ footwear returned to its stores. Putting aside the fact that Allbirds has the best shoes ever, you can also get a $20 discount on new Allbirds purchases in exchange for handing over your old Allbirds shoes.


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Introducing one of the best brands that give back not only to you but also to the planet. KENT was one of the first brands to create verified compostable underwear. These cute little undies are made of organic cotton that will return to nature in 90 days when composted or planted. In addition, when you join KENT’s Compost Club, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward your next pair of undies from the brand.

Beauty Brands That Love You So Much That They Give Back

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The beauty industry, just like fashion, adds to the landfills, we know! However, we are not entirely doomed since many beauty brands are giving back or implementing recycling by taking charge of their products! Let us find out.

1. Farmacy

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The farm-to-face skincare brand that recycles, Farmacy, offers a complete guide on how to recycle each of its little bundles of joys. Some can be recycled directly through municipal systems, while others beauty buddies can be sent to the one and only TerraCycle. But, before you hand over your preloved items, don’t forget to include a Farmacy prepaid label.

2. Ilia

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When it comes to the fine blend of sustainability and beauty, how can we forget Ilia? With the goal of ‘creating clean makeup, from start to finish,’ this brand that recycles stands firm. Always. It contributes to the environment by helping shoppers to recycle their empties. They’ve partnered with Pact Collective, so all you have to do is fill out a form and mail back up to 10 empty beauty containers per month. And, of course, a prepaid shipping label. Ilia is so dedicated to cleaning up the beauty world that you can even send in non-Ilia empties.

3. Kiehl’s

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This brand’s skincare products? Damn, they’re therapeutic! Also, recycling has never been easier, thanks to Kiehl’s! Since Kiehl’s has a rewards program, you can earn points by returning Kiehl’s empties to its stores for recycling, consultation, and referring it to a friend. Each used container earns you 10 points, which can be redeemed for rewards, services, products, and so much more, love! We love how joining the Kiehl Family allows you to earn points, enjoy perks, and select rewards.

4. Lush

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Imagine you’re in your bathtub with tons of guilt-free, candy-colored, fragrant bath products that make foaming up in bubbles even more exciting! Lush is one of those UK-based brands that recycles iconic black pots made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and can be reused and recycled at home or work and returned to a Lush store for recycling. You can even get a free face mask if you return five empty pots to a Lush location. We love that the popular bath bombs are also packaged-free.

5. Meow Meow Tweet

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Get ready to soak in the goodness of deodorants, face cleansers, and hand and body wash. Now, get ready to savor the news that these vegan beauties from Meow Meow Tweet’s bulk store allow you to buy in larger sizes that won’t leave you wanting more. Who are we kidding? Of course, you’d keep wanting these. To be honest, these come in large sizes so that you can mail them back to the brand when they’re empty, which are then sterilized, containers reused and kept from landfills.

6. Zoya

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We couldn’t help but include Zoya in our best eco-friendly nail polishes list. However, it is now known as a brand that gives back. Zoya runs an annual Earth Month Nail Polish Exchange in which you can receive a $5 credit for every new bottle of Zoya nail polish bought. You’ll need to order at least six of their pretty lacquers. Simply mail back your old, unwanted nail polish, and the brand will dispose of it according to environmental guidelines or donate it locally.

7. Kjaer Weis

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Since its inception in 2010, Kjaer Weis has led the charge in sustainability, being the first luxury beauty brand to introduce refillable packaging at its launch. This isn’t one of those brands that give back, but its refillable option drew us in. So, with their intelligent refill system, you don’t have to waste money or create waste on discarded packaging. The architecturally bold design of KW products is meant to be kept – built out of beautiful, quality metal that can be refilled again and again and again…

It’s reassuring to find brands that give back to you by giving back to the planet in various areas of fashion and beauty. Going forward, remember to support these brands and their recycling programs. Also, remember that before anything else, one of the first things you can do for the environment is to shop from sustainable clothing brands or thrift.

Brands That Give Back To You & The Planet With Its Recycling Programs

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