11 Ethical And Sustainable Clothing Brands To Shop This Summer 2022

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Over the past few years, #sustainablefashion has been picking up at a fast pace. Thus, fortunately, many fast-fashion labels have either started to turn towards becoming sustainable clothing brands or have adapted conscious practices (for all the right reasons.) So whether it’s shirts, skirts, dresses, athleisure, kids’ wear, or swimwear that you’re looking for, we have curated a list of sustainable clothing brands that you’ll absolutely love and want to add to your carts today!

list of sustainable clothing brands
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1. Everlane

It’s safe to say that Everlane has made its name in the sustainable clothing brands industry rather quickly as it maintains absolute transparency with its customers. Their quality is top-notch, and they have a cool feature — ‘choose what you pay’ only for those select items that are overstocked. 

They boast a wide range of products from casual wear to party wear to office wear. But we’re currently obsessing over these super-comfy blue track pants for men in this beautiful Kingfisher Blue color. Our favorite thing about these is they’re 100% organic cotton.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
66% of the cotton used is certified organic, 90% of virgin plastic from their supply chain is eliminated, and 67% of the raw materials used meet Everlane’s preferred standards.

2. Girlfriend Collective

When it comes to Girlfriend Collective’s sustainable clothing, women’s bottoms, leggings, sweatpants, and shorts are among the comfiest picks you’d cherish for a long time. As for this sustainable clothing brand, they have nailed the athleisure vibe of clothes and how! Additionally, the black Topanga halter bra is a low-impact bra that is recycled and recyclable — when you’re finished with this item (a long, long time from now), recycle it with ReGirlfriend.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
Girlfriend makes high-quality, body-inclusive clothes in sizes up to 6 XL from recycled materials as they believe that where your clothes end up is just as important as where they come from.

3. Alternative Apparel

Sustainable clothing brands committed to eco-materials and responsible manufacturing are something we’re all for! 80% of Alternative Apparel’s products are made of sustainable materials. So how cool are these drawstring grey shorts to just lounge around in? Throw ’em on and chill around in the house comfortably and guilt-free with this affordable, sustainable clothing.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
They recycle about 1.8 plastic bottles every year, which are then made into the brand’s Eco®Fabrics.

4. Good Tee

Let’s start with some good vibes! The Good Tee creates the “the greenest tee ever made!” while walking on the mission to bring back the forgotten cotton farmers of India to life. When it comes to organic clothing brands, we knew we had to include this B-Corp as it proudly uses only Certified Fairtrade Cotton sourced from India, and openly shares all aspects of its supply chain, right from seed to shelf. All premium quality cotton T-shirts for men, women, and even babies, are made by people, not machines, amidst healthy working schedules, working conditions & fair deals. So when you pick a Good Tee, we promise it’s going to be legit good.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
Save 125.6 days of drinking water, 1.5 km of driving emission, and 37.5 hours of LED energy by choosing the Good Tee’s organic cotton pieces.

5. Kindom

“You are The Universe! Let’s build an environment where we are the responsible stewards of nature, living things, and each other. Let’s build a KINDOM,” – by KINdom. We’re obsessed with this collared button-down shirt that works both as a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt. It’s made of sustainable materials like reclaimed poplin fabric and has been upcycled & eco-dyed in the USA.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
Brownie points to this affordable clothing brand — KINdom for using sustainable, natural, recycled, reclaimed, and indigenous materials while also offering size-inclusive & gender-inclusive fashion. 

6. Re/Done

We all love Levi’s and have at some point owned a pair from the brand; however, Re/Done offers something more. They partnered with Levi’s to produce a HUGE range of upcycled sustainable jeans. The idea was ‘to make jeans as unique as you are.’ Thus, everything from mid-rise to high-rise cuts to boyfriend jeans! We love this vintage pair of high-cut Levi’s booty shorts.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
RE/DONE is a brand with a mission: to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, to keep heritage brands relevant, and to create sustainable, mindful fashion.

7. Urban Outfitters

This affordable, sustainable clothing brand needs no introduction; Urban Outfitters has done well for itself and its consumers. But who would’ve thought you’d also find some stunning vintage picks here? A hub for recycled designer clothing, the brand refreshes its clothing collection each Wednesday. Find shirts like urban renewal recycled overdyed flannel shirt and many more at Urban Outfitters.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
URBN runs Urban Renewal, an online store that sells sustainably sourced vintage items. It revitalizes upcycled fabrics and gives them new life in order to provide trendy, Earth-friendly fashion pieces.

8. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is not new to the upcycling game. They have been around since 2002. But, are you a true vintage lover who loves retro classic collectible designer pieces from brands like Champion and Nike? In that case, you’ll love this brand too — Beyond Retro. They have an entire line of jackets, sweatshirts, joggers, dresses, and whatnot! But what caught our glance was this leopard print dress that is just one thing – stunning!

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
Beyond Retro Vintage is the largest vintage online store for preloved and thrift clothing for you to shop sustainably, offering everything from vintage Levi’s jeans to clothing from the 1960s to the 1990s.

9. Boden

Based out of London, UK, Boden has been nailing the sustainable clothing game for over 30 years now. Yet another one of the most beautiful sustainable clothing brands, Boden, is all for fair trade, responsible sourcing, and eco-friendly clothing options.

Check out this Broderie white cotton dress! It’s flowy, light, and perfect for cute girl summer. This dress is made of sustainable materials like 100% cotton on the outside and 100% linen on the inside. When we buy a cotton product from Boden, we also support more sustainable cotton farming through the Better Cotton Initiative.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
A 30 years young brand, Boden is an ‘originality first’ brand manifested by a not-so-boring family that has been bringing smiles to people’s faces for a long, long time.

10. Summersalt

Summersalt falls in sustainable clothing that ranges from swimwear to sleepwear, activewear, and more. However, they’re best known for their activewear and swimwear. They’re also known to use cruelty-free wool in their clothing. Pieces crafted to keep you comfortable and chic while you’re on the go, they took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to inform the Summersalt fit.

This pink + orange color-blocked one-piece swimsuit is the right pop of color you need for this hot girl summer!

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
Summersalt recently announced a ₹‌9,069,365.00 split donation between Color of Change and Forward Through Ferguson (based near their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.)

11. Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill products are grown, milled, and sewn entirely in the United States, helping to support American organic cotton farmers and sewing communities. It believes that there is a better way to make clothing. The brand creates basics for everyone, constantly guaranteeing that they are neither dyed nor bleached, minimizing water, energy, and dye materials consumption.

Hello to the only casual pants you’ll ever need if you’ve never owned cotton jersey pants before. Cotton jersey is exceptionally breathable, with natural stretch and comfort, making it excellent for casual pants.

⭐️ What’s good ⭐️
From the organic farms to the American heritage mills, to the family-owned sewing factories, every single step of their supply chain is in the USA, meaning lesser carbon emissions and 5x shorter travel distance.

We hope these sustainable clothing brands have inspired you to shop more consciously and have encouraged you to explore more. Because you can always make your guilty pleasures good, right?

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