Our Most Favorite 10 Chic And Ethical Black Heels For You

Planet-friendly black heels you can't say no to.

Black heels + classy outfits = a perfect festive combo! And this time around, we heard you were looking for some ethical heels! And we couldn’t help but compile this list of ethically created heels, since after all, heads, standards, and heels all look nice when held high, right? 

It’s that time of year when everything is fun and glamorous. And chic black heels for women are a trend that has been and will continue to be, for many days to come. 

Thanks to brands like The Root Collective and Matisse for making our lives easier by bringing ethical heels to the world of fashion.

1. Black Heeled Sandals By OTBT

Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) is a global women’s footwear brand that is trendy, comfortable, and casual. But it’s their black heeled sandals that have our attention this party season, as it satisfies our craving for the ultimate chic black heels. This two-strap silhouette is a true slinger, crafted with an authentic western design. 

OTBT is known for its ethically crafted heels and footwear made from natural and recycled rubber soles and genuine leather. This is, of course, what we have in our shopping carts this year; what about you?

2. Jenna Mule By Able

Able is an ethical footwear brand with which a woman can never go wrong! This ethical shoe brand pays the artisans (who create their stunning footwear) a fair and transparent wage. We also like that their packaging is 100% recyclable, and they employ women in their manufacturing process who are recovering from addiction, homelessness or work as commercial sex workers. The Jenna Mule is effortlessly stylish and sophisticated. These black high heels are designed to enhance any outfit. In addition, they have an insole binding that was particularly curated with class in Brazil, to stand out!

3. Open-Toes By Nisolo

Nisolo is an ethical shoe brand that inspires us to walk more sustainably. Nisolo has you covered for anything from bachelorette parties to beach days. But we’re particularly fond of these ethically made heel open-toe clogs.

These black high heels are beyond perfect for this season with a lovely adjustable ankle strap, made from extremely high-quality leather and gripped rubber outsole. Did we mention that these ethical heels are handcrafted by artists who are given a 100% livable wage and produce zero net carbon?

4. Chloe Wedges By The R Collective

For any social event, this cute little brand offers your favorite black high heels that you’ve dreamed of, for a long time. The majority of their ethical footwear is made of handwoven fabrics with a rubber and wood outsole. No one wants to walk around in uncomfortable heels now, right?! 

Thus, The Root Collective has our back with these handcrafted in Guatemala Wedges that literally have the finest embroidery detailings. For a fun time this season, pair these black heels with a flowy outfit.

5. Gigi Strappy By Reformation

Nobody likes strings attached! But maybe you wouldn’t mind a little string attached to these mid heel black heels. Reformation is an ethical shoe brand that uses bio preferred and recycled materials in their ethical footwear. Their footwear is also certified as climate neutral. Plus, they are all nothing short of dreamy and exquisite for the next big party. 

The Gigi Strappy is a pair of mid-rise, black heel sandals with an asymmetrical thong strap, that goes with any outfit from your sustainable wardrobe.

6. Blair Classic Pump By Bhava

Bhava is a vegan and ethical shoe brand that uses cork. Since animals are the main victims of fast fashion, Bhava knew it would need to get creative to find alternatives to leather. 

What we adore about Bhava is that their entire line of ethical footwear, including these classic pumps, has no products of animal origin. They’re also our personal favorite black heels since they include a lovely all-natural cork insole that’s been handcrafted by generations of artisans in Spain, which customers have grown to love!

7. Katie Babies By Sezane

This year, Sezane’s black high heels are absolutely rocking, and we couldn’t help but include them in this list of chic black heels. Natural and recyclable materials, as well as vegetable-tanned leather, are used to create ethical footwear. These stunning black heels are handcrafted in Italy and have a brass buckle with a light gold finish. 

With a suede leather exterior, these exquisite black heels for women are something you can’t pass up, and you’ll want to keep them on your feet for the next several events to come.

8. Mirror Stiletto Mule By Matisse

Matisse is an LA-based brand that gets everything right when it comes to ethical footwear. They cater to the needs of modern women as well as the planet. It’s a one-stop shop for all things artisanal and ethical. 

We’re eyeing these black Matisse heels this time, which create a fashion statement this year when paired with a gorgeous dress and ethical Matisse accessories.

9. Adora Velvet Heels By Nomasei

First things first, we can’t get enough of these black velvet heels! These chic black heels are made of 100% silk and have a fleece-lined insole for enhanced comfort. Tie the knot to make two gorgeous loops, to display your couture spirit. 

And when it comes to Nomasei, their entire ethical footwear line is pure love. They’re made of organic cotton, produced locally, and have bio-plastic soles. 1% of their proceeds are For The Planet. If this isn’t the most ideal ethical shoe brand, we don’t know what is!

10. Twist Strap Black By Alohas

Alohas is an ethical footwear brand with a wide range of vegan choices for the ethical person in you. They also offer carbon offsets and aim to produce shoes on demand to avoid overproduction. Bravo, Alohas! The Twist Strap black high heels are an open-toe mule that will offer a pop of color to any outfit, for any occasion! With these ethical heels, simplicity is at its finest, adding to the charm of this shoe. It also has a cushioned fabric and a squared sole. (nice!)

Heels continue to be evergreen. But ethical heels? That’s a question that most of these ethical brands like Alohas, Sezane, or Reformation are trying to answer. And we are quite awed by their collection. (we wouldn’t lie!). Be it an office party, special occasion, or the runway, one can’t go wrong with a sexy or stunning pair of black heels. So, the next time you go footwear shopping, don’t forget to include a pair of ethical black heels on your list!

Also, don’t forget to leave us a comment about your favorite ethical black heels brand, or do drop some of your most recommended ethical shoe brands. We’d love to include them in our future lists!

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