6 Cute Handmade Hats From Etsy That’ll Best Suit Your Winter Look

Eco-Friendly hats for those cold winters.

There is nothing as good as a winter hat, especially when it’s adorable and keeps you warm at the same time. But what if we told you that your winter hat could be eco-friendly too? You’re in luck! We have found some adorable winter hats for men and women on Etsy, that will look cute on any winter outfit!

1. Eco friendly, Ribbed Knitted Hat For Men And Women

This knitted unisex winter hat is handmade from 100% merino wool. If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish hat for the winter & autumn season, then here it is. You can wear this winter hat as a slouch beanie, cuff it at the edge when you’re heading out for your favorite winter sport, or just put it on to leisurely walk in the snow.

2. Warm Slouchy Beanie

Meet the most stylish and eco-friendly winter hat: the warm slouchy beanie. This beanie is made of 100% organic cotton, is gentle on your skin, and especially benefits those with sensitive skin and medical conditions, as the material used to make this beanie has not been exposed to any chemicals. Pair this hat with your turtleneck, and you’re all set to rock the winter fashion ramp!

3. Crochet Beanie

Here is a handcrafted crochet beanie made with eco-cozy yarn, which is entirely from recycled plastic bottles. This winter hat is soft and will keep you warm whenever you need it this snowy season. And it is available in two pretty colors — sage and lavender. Wear this beanie with your sweaters or pullovers to add that extra tinge of cuteness to your winter look.

4. Handmade Embroidered Fleece Lined Winter Hat

Here is another cute handmade winter hat designed in Canada and hand-knitted under fair trade conditions by the weaver masters in Nepal. This winter hat is made with premium quality New Zealand and British soft wool, and this cozy winter hat comes in five different colors to suit all your fashion preferences. Got an embroidered sweater, or a winter dress? This hat will be the perfect winter accessory to pair that with.

5. Artisan Merino Wool Watchcap Style Beanie

This dark charcoal merino wool hat is hand-knit in the nautical watch cap tradition. This winter hat has a rolled cuff that can be pulled down to save your ears from the harsh winter conditions. The natural wool used to make this hat will keep you warm in the cold and snow. This hat will perfectly go with all your winter coats.

6. Women’s Pink Sustainable Wool Knit Winter Hat

A hat that you can wear all year long. This super-soft chunky beanie fits both adults and youth. Made from eco-friendly wool, this hat is perfect for saving you from your bad hair days. From winter dresses, and sweaters to pullovers, everything will complement this cute winter hat perfectly.

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sustainable along with being fashionable. The winter hats we’ve featured here are stylish and eco-friendly. And the best part is that you can keep your head cozy, too. So don’t worry about getting the cold shivers, this winter. With these eco-friendly, adorable winter hats, you can stay warm and look good too. We have also curated a list of our favorite sustainable winter coats for you to pair with these winter hats – so give them a look!

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