10 Sustainable Sock Brands With Super-Comfy & Cozy Socks

An ethical edit of cute socks!

For most of us, socks are a must-have, used for a subtle pop with our outfits, or to keep our feet warm and cozy. Whatever type of sock fan you are, it is better late than never to switch to sustainable socks. Just like any other clothing item, socks have a huge environmental impact. The good news is that, with the influx of sustainable sock brands today, you can finally keep your feet, and the planet, happy.

What Are Sustainable Socks?

sustainable socks
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When looking for sustainable socks, organic cotton, hemp, linen, or recycled fabrics are good places to start. Also, look for eco-friendly brands that use water-based dyes and no harsh chemical treatments.

So get ready to create room in your sock drawer with these adorable, cozy, and sustainable socks below.

1. Nisolo

sustainable socks

Sustainability, softness, and sophistication!
Nisolo has now expanded into socks, which is great news for all you sock lovers and hikers out there. This sock brand from the US has made a name for itself by combining reused cotton, wool, and recycled plastic water bottles to create these adorable little devils. The socks from one of the coolest sustainable fashion brands, Nisolo are made using over 50% recycled materials and are versatile for everyday wear with boots or sneakers.

Our Pick: These breathable cotton crew socks are sustainably made with over 50% recycled materials and are perfectly comfortable year-round.

2. Pact

sustainable socks

Sustainability and Pact go hand in hand! The brand offers a wide range of socks and other apparel that you’ll love to add to your shopping carts. Its sustainable socks are made with organic cotton, non-toxic chemicals, and 91% less water than conventional cotton. With various prints and colors, they are sure to become your wardrobe staples for the seasons to come! If this isn’t enough to convince you, we’re sure this affordable sock brand’s three pairs of socks for under $25 will!

Our Pick: The Premium Crew 3-pack organic socks hit mid-calf and have a cushioned footbed and arch support for your delicate feet.

3. Girlfriend Collective

sustainable socks
Girlfriend Collective / Instagram

With the success of being a sustainable fashion brand, Girlfriend Collective has now expanded into the sustainable socks market under the brand name Everyday GF. Their fashion socks are made from recycled plastic bottles and are padded with extra arch support for comfortable feet. In addition, thanks to a collaboration with Unifi, customers can mail back used Everyday GF socks to be recycled into new pairs. So recycling your old socks has become easier than ever with ReGirlfriend!

Our Pick: We’re sure the adorable rosewater crew socks will quickly become your favorite sustainable socks as well. They have a compressive stitch that helps to increase circulation and reduce swelling!

4. Teddy Locks

sustainable socks
Teddy Locks

You’ve arrived at the ultimate destination for sustainable socks if you have conscious soles. As a sustainable socks brand, Teddy Locks uses recycled post-consumer plastic bottles to make their pieces. To save resources, recycled fiber is spun into yarn without chemicals or water and then knit into socks. In addition, the sustainable fashion brand delivers their comfy socks in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic-free shipping packaging to make your feet feel even better!

Our Pick: Don’t miss out on these lilac ribbed cotton socks, which are softer than Cashmere, and will last you a lifetime!

5. Patagonia

Sustainable socks by Patagonia

You probably saw this coming, didn’t you? Patagonia, a well-known brand for its organic and eco-friendly clothing pieces, makes it to this list of sustainable socks brands too! From a variety of warm anklet, crew, and quarter socks, you know you’re sure to find that pair of socks you’ve been looking. So if you’re seeking the perfect pair of performance anklet socks, look no further than Patagonia’s made in the US sustainable socks.

Our Pick: The Lightweight Merino performance anklet socks are designed for a long life on the trail, with light cushioning for comfort.

6. Kind Socks

sustainable socks
Kind.Socks / Instagram

A Black-owned company, Kind Socks, was made to ensure customers find colorful, ethical, and sustainable socks under one roof. Most of these beauties are created from 98% GOTS-certified organic cotton and by workers paid fairly in a safe setting. In addition, each piece from this socks brand is linked to a different charity, which will make you feel good about yourself and your feet, love!

Our Pick: Set your feet apart with these essential navy socks made of GOTs certified Organic Cotton, grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

7. Conscious Step

sustainable socks

All you sock lovers out there, expect some amazing vegan and organic socks at this Vegan Certified brand, Conscious Step. Your feet will be proud to wear this sustainable socks brand’s hose as every purchase benefits a charity. Being one of the best sock brands, their socks have the ideal fabric thickness making them ideal holiday gifts. Want more? Some even feature a cushioned insole and arch support to keep your feet warm.

Our Pick: Wear these cute socks with pride because each pair supports Keep A Breast and its efforts to educate young people about breast cancer prevention.

8. Solmate Socks

sustainable socks
SolmateSocks / Instagram

Don’t forget to try these adorable sustainable socks for cozy feet this season! Solmate Socks being our favorite sustainable sock brand in the US makes them in its own mill with love. The majority of them are made of 62% recycled cotton and are available in various bright colors and sizes. So, men and women, get ready to be wowed by Solmate’s fashion socks that you’ll love wearing all your life.

Our Pick: Grab these pretty as a rainbow, edgy as a statement Gemstone crew socks which are easy on the eyes and cozy on the feet.

9. Maggie’s Organics

Sustainable socks by Maggie's Organics
Maggie’s Organics / Instagram

Maggie’s Organics has your feet, and the feet of your entire family covered. This sustainable socks company is based in the US and uses fair trade organic cotton to make your feet feel great. You can choose from their wide range of sustainable socks in various lengths, styles, thicknesses, and colors. So get ready to have a sustainable socks drawer with these cotton + merino wool socks that are beyond soft.

Our Pick: These adorable organic cotton footies are proudly knit and dyed in the States, and they’re so soft you’ll never want to take them off.

10. Boody

sustainable socks

From quality and sustainability to everyday essentials, Boody designs with one goal in mind: to make you feel good. So picking up a pair or ten of their sustainable socks could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your feet. Discover the sustainable sock brand’s super soft, comfy, and breathable socks, thoughtfully crafted from organically grown bamboo!

Our Pick: The hidden sock is perfectly sculpted to fall below your shoe line, giving you a no-sock look. After all, it’s called the hidden sock, so what would you expect?

We’d love for you to check out these vegan sneakers now that you’re on your way to making your feet more conscious, with these sustainable socks!

Happy feet to you!

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