Eco-Friendly Gifts For Conscious Coffee Lovers Out There!

Gifts to kick that 'caffeine guilt!'

True coffee lovers are quite serious when it comes to the choice of coffee beans, the proper amount of heated water, and debates about whether to pour milk before or after the brew. So, you know you will have to bend over backward when planning to gift a crazy coffee junkie something to suit their urge – an eco-friendly gift to reduce their ‘caffeine guilt.’

And so, we’ve compiled this list of eco-friendly gifts for coffee lovers without them looking weird or compromising their coffee addiction.

1. Reusable Hemp And Organic Cotton Coffee Filter

Know someone who is a hardcore coffee addict and is looking to simply cut back on their environmental footprint ’cause of that caffeine guilt? In that case, this reusable coffee filter is literally just the perfect eco-friendly gift. It’s handcrafted from hempy, organic cotton, and muslin, and is ideal for your coffee-obsessed pal. You can use these hemp filters to make coffee at home, daily. They’re so handy for those coffee emergency days when they run out of filters.

2. Personalized Starbucks Cup

Are you looking for humorous yet eco-friendly gifts for coffee lovers? Choose from over 24 different colors of this very cute personalized caffeinated Starbucks tumbler. Even non-addicts will be drawn in by the amusing phrases on these cups. The best part about this fantastic eco-friendly gift for coffee enthusiasts is that you can get 10c on drink refills when you use it at Starbucks. So prepare to save both the environment and money in style now.

3. Organic Large Cheesecloth For Straining

We heard you were hunting for eco-friendly gifts for coffee lovers who enjoy brewing their coffee at home, and we couldn’t help but jump right in. Then this organic cotton cheesecloth bag is exactly what you need to add to the coffee cart right now. This cheesecloth bag is perfect for those who enjoy cold brew coffee and homemade milk. You can quickly get silky-smooth milk without the blender pouring out, and the bag is easy to clean and maintain after use.

4. Cold Brew World Coffee Kit

A great eco-friendly gift for a coffee fanatic! Driftaway Coffee is environmentally friendly and sustainable, benefiting both people and the environment. This adorable little kit has three different coffees, each with its own distinct and unique flavor. It’s ideal for anyone interested in learning more about cold coffee and how it tastes, in different places of the world. It’s a-mazing and freshly roasted in Brooklyn. Also, we’re smitten with this present which is also an Etsy pick as it’s shipped in compostable coffee bags. And thanks to World Coffee Research, each bag helps to ensure the sustainable livelihoods of coffee farmers.

5. OXO Reusable Straws with Cleaning Brush

If you know a die-hard coffee drinker, they’re well aware of the environmental impact of plastic cups and straws. So it’s time they switched from single-use plastic straws to the OXO Good Grips 5-Piece Reusable Straw that is ultimately sustainable. Each reusable stainless steel straw is powerful enough to break through the ice and long-lasting enough to use multiple times. Iced coffee enthusiasts will love these reusable straws, as the long bristles brush clear out the muck from inside the straws.

6. Upstyle Retro Coffee Mug

This 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable mug is a great eco-friendly present for someone who’s all about zero waste living but is a hardcore coffee addict. The production procedure for this sustainable mug produces no unnecessary or toxic by-products, with each cup having a natural finish. It’s both healthy and environmental, so there’s no risk to your health. Didn’t someone just say the “ultimate eco-friendly present for a coffee enthusiast?”

7. Floral Coffee Tote

Replace those flimsy, cardboard to-go cup carriers with a sturdy, easy-to-store, and convenient tote bag. Perfect eco-friendly gifts for mums who are chasing their toddlers but need a short caffeine boost. This will keep you from getting burned if your cup is knocked over. The eco-friendly tote would be a great birthday gift for a boss or co-worker or an anniversary gift for your coffee-loving spouse. These are environmentally friendly, washable, clean, green, wipeable, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and just perfect.

8. Personalized Wooden Tray For Coffee

Wood is used to make this pretty handcrafted tray. And is further finished with mineral oil and beeswax. Made without the use of any chemicals, this lovely personalized tray is among the best items you can gift. Wash using eco-friendly materials or wipe with a damp towel to ensure this gift for the coffee enthusiast lasts long.

This year, you’re likely to have at least one person on your friends’ list who just, let’s say, has strong coffee opinions. These eight coffee lover gift ideas, ranging from eco-friendly drinking mugs to personalized coffee mugs, any aficionado would dream of having in their home.

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