5 Ethical Beers To Enjoy This Friendsgiving

Enjoy these ethical beers with your framily.

Like the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we all have a framily (friends+family), aka the bunch of friends who turned into family. And for all those who live away from home, Thanksgiving comes a week early in the form of Friendsgiving. (Another weekend of yummy food and drinks. Yay!)

Ethical beers for friendsgiving
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How ethical beers are different from your regular beers?

Unlike regular beers, ethical beers are made with ethically sourced ingredients (ingredients that are obtained without harmony the people, animals, or the environment). Also, factors like the packing and sustainable practices when brewing like a solar-powered brewery, proper waste management, etc. are also taken into consideration.

5 Ethical Beers To Enjoy This Friendsgiving

If there’s a fun way to start the holidays, it most definitely spells an afternoon with your favorite people-watching (or playing) a game of football and sipping on some chilled beer. Talking of beer, why not try some delicious and ethical beers this Friendsgiving?

Here’s our list of some of the best ethical beers to choose from. (curated after a lot of drunken evenings out with our friends!)

1. New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale

Alcohol By Volume: 5.2%

New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire Amber Ale - ethical beers
New Belgium Brewing Co

The New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire Amber Ale is America’s first carbon-neutral beer. This B-Corp certified brand has taken multiple steps towards sustainability. They are partially solar-powered and a 100% wind-powered brewery. 99.9% of their waste stays out of landfills and they are a part of 1% for the environment initiative. To top all that, the beer tastes hands-down amazing and is available all year long! (Don’t think, just buy it! 😀 )

2. Lawson’s Finest Liquids Triple Sunshine

Alcohol By Volume: 10.5%

Lawson's Triple Sunshine Sustainable Beer
Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Lawson’s is a Vermont-based brewery that continues to work for numerous environmental causes across the state. They have helped to make a difference by funding statewide cleanups as well as donating a portion of proceeds to the Kingdom Trails Association and the Vermont Land Trust. Their Triple Sunshine, a fruity and juicy combo is a perfect beer for those who like their alcohol with more buzz to it. Grab your ethical beers fast ‘cause this one is available only in November and December.

3. Upslope Brewing Company Craft Lager

Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%

Craft Lager Upslope Brewing Company - ethical beers
Upslope Brewing Co

Upslope Brewing Company from Boulder, Colorado, is known for its no-nonsense labels and award-winning ethical beers. Since the very beginning, they have put the environment first. The brewery donates 1% of earnings from each beer can sold to Trout Unlimited to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds. Their clean, easy, light-bodied, and award-winning Craft Lager is definitely a must-have on Friendsgiving!

4. Great Lakes Brewing Company Burning River Pale Ale

Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%

Burning River Pale Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co

The Great Lakes Brewing Company makes amazing ethical beers to enjoy by the waterfront. Their Burning River Pale Ale pays homage to the infamous Cuyahoga River Fire in 1969 in the form of a crisp and punchy pale ale. The brewery also funds the Burning River Foundation dedicated to improving and maintaining freshwater sources. What more do you need on Friendsgiving?

5. Ninkasi Brewing Company Cold Fermented Lager 

Alcohol By Volume: 4.7%

Ninaski Brewing Co Pilsner Cold Lager - ethical beers
Ninaski Brewing Co

The Ninkasi Brewing Company is not only known for its fundraising efforts, but also for upcycling over 40 million pounds of grain. Adding more to their sustainable practices, they use solar power to brew their ethical beers. We absolutely love their Pilsner Cold Fermented Lager for its sweet and light, crisp and complex notes. Definitely, a must-try with your friends!

Those right there were some of our favorite ethical beers. Make sure to give them a try and tell us which of these beers made Friendsgiving more fun for you and your family!


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