A Complete Regifting Guide For The Holidays: Dos And Don’ts

We are all set to regift like a pro! Are you?

We all receive quite a lot of gifts (or regifts :P) during the holidays, but not all are actually useful. Or let’s just say some presents are not very pleasing and the options are very few. You can either lock away the gift up in the attic and forget about it, try to return it for store credit (which isn’t possible, without asking for receipts!), or regift it.

So, all things considered, it is absolutely fine to regift. And who are we kidding, really? Each one of us has done it at least once (or many times XoXo!) Well, in our defense, it has been made official by dedicating a whole day to it – National Regifting Day, the Thursday before Christmas every year.

Regifting Guide – Dos & Don’ts

Let’s at least try it out and do it right! So, it’s time for us to let you in on our little secrets to regifting and how not to get caught. 

Regifting guide for the holiday season
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Don’ts Of Regifting

Starting with what not to do when regifting (or you can simply call these the tells of regifting) –

  • First things first, understand the difference between ‘unused’ and ‘brand new.’ Anything which was opened cannot be regifted. If you open the seal, you break the deal. Any signs of wear and tear, a wrong knot, or folds or creases in packaging can easily become a tell of your regift.

  • Anything personalized is off the regifting list too. If it’s one of those customized gifts, then you’re stuck with it. Better put it back into storage or maybe drop it off in a donation box. Anything specific to your hobbies or that goes with the decor of your room or house, can make the recipient suspicious.
Personalised Goods
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  • Hand-made things are a big no-no for regifting. For one, the hand-made stuff certainly has an immense sentimental value, as it was made for you specifically. Secondly, they are highly recognizable. Any signature or personal message carving can be a dead giveaway!

  • Never choose to regift unused gift cards. A gift card with an expiry date within the next year makes it a very obvious regift. Also, it is best to check if any deductions were made to the balance… well, because an odd balance like $78.96 indeed screams regift.

  • Don’t declare ancient or outdated items as ‘Vintage.’ We are sure no one loves an iPod in the times of Spotify and Youtube. In simpler words, items that are outdated are a strict no-no. (especially tech) There’s undoubtedly a massive difference between an antique pocket watch from your great grandpa and an alarm clock you received as a housewarming gift some five years ago. Make sure you spot that difference!

Dos Of Regifting

Now, let’s quickly browse through what you should do when regifting (Pro-Tips Alert!)

  • Keep track of who gifted what. The last thing you want is to do, is regift someone their own gift. (Oh, the horror!) So, the safest option is to play it smart and trade social circles when regifting.
Regifting Guide - Dos and Don'ts
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  • Double-check for anything that says regift. It could be anything like a note hidden somewhere, a tag that states your name, a picture of you, a receipt, etc. (Check for fingerprints if need be!) Pick someone who can keep your secret safe (really safe!) and get them to examine the gift for something you might have missed.

  • Save on the gift and not on the gift wrap. So what if the gift is repurposed?! The wrapping should definitely be brand new. Change the cardholders, the ribbons, the wrapping paper, the bow, etc. and give the gift a new personality. (One that says, I’m not a regift! xoxo)
Regifting Guide - Dos of regifting
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  • Good intentions matter. Even though you are regifting, make sure to have the same intentions as a new gift. Regifting a self-care box to someone who really loves skincare is a good idea for sure. It doesn’t matter if you bought the box yourself or someone else did.

  • Don’t keep it a secret at all. Be honest about it. Tell the recipient you tried the fragrance once. It’s nice, but you prefer something different. So if they like it, they can have it; or they can give it away to someone else they know who might. Easy peasy!
Dos of regifting
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Regifting is an art. So, if you’re planning on regifting this holiday season, we bet that these simple dos and don’ts we shared will help you regift like a pro!

Oh, and yes, if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a regift, don’t frown. Think about the thought behind that gift. (And also, what spilled the beans! Don’t repeat their mistake XP)

Happy Regifting, This Holiday Season!

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