12 Sustainable Brands That Plant Trees While We Shop

Buy from any of these brands, and they'll plant a tree 🌳

There’s no denying that all of us like to shop. And while we’re here — we like to breathe, too! So, this brand list is a solid win-win in GoodGuilt‘s book. Yes, there are lingering questions about the duration of our natural resources and ways to protect our forests. And this list is a much-needed reminder that there can be easy ways to play our part. That is, by supporting sustainable brands & eco-friendly companies that plant trees with every purchase.

1. Tentree

brands that plant trees
tentree/ Instagram

One of the most emerging eco-friendly companies, Tentree puts the Earth first by using its products’ most sustainable and comfortable materials. This eco-friendly fashion brand plant 10 trees for every purchase. Not just planting trees, they are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to make apparel with a less possible footprint and more circular supply chains. So shop the coolest sweatshirts, cardigans, hoodies, coats, and many more to plant trees with Tentree.

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2. Amour Vert

brands that plant trees
amourvert/ Instagram

This eco-friendly fashion brand Amour Vert, partners directly with mills to develop their own soft, sustainable, and stand the test of time fabrics. They collaborate with American Forests® to plant a tree for every tee you buy. They go by the slogan “buy a tee, plant a tree.” And to keep waste out of the landfill, Amour Vert has launched ReAmour – where you can browse, buy and sell high-quality styles.

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3. Net Zero Co.

brands that plant trees while we shop
netzerocompany/ Instagram

Net Zero Co. is another addition to the list of eco-friendly companies, encouraging consumers to adopt a low-waste lifestyle since 2018. This brand has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees around the world. With our one order, Net Zero Co. plants one tree. And so far, they have planted over 121,000 trees around the world! This brand simply exists to inspire our zero-waste journey by making products last and look beautiful in our homes forever.

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4. Nalo

Nalo brands, brands that plant trees while we shop
naloclothing/ Instagram

Nalo is a small-scale eco-friendly fashion brand that fights climate change and deforestation. To counteract deforestation and create a lasting impact on future generations, they plant five trees for every item they sell. They understand that fashion brands have a responsibility to provide long-lasting, recyclable apparel. Despite the fact that Nalo is a small-scale brand, it has demonstrated that ethical manufacture and production can be achieved by any fashion line.

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5. Conscious Step

conscious steps, brands that plant trees while we shop
consciousstep/ Instagram

Taking a conscious step by meeting a variety of green and ethical requirements while also planting trees is easy with organic, vegan, and fairtrade certified socks made by Conscious Step. Each pair of these cute socks raises money for a good cause: tree planting.

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6. Tree Tribe

tree tribe
treetribevibe/ Instagram

Tree Tribe pledges to plant a tree for every purchased item. Tree Tribe’s apparel is made from high-quality eco-friendly fabrics such as flax, cotton, and repurposed polyester. They also sell a lifetime-guaranteed stainless steel water bottle, so you can start using less plastic. But it’s their leaf leather that genuinely stands out. They offer some incredible leaf leather goods produced from teak tree leaves. This eco-friendly material is available in wallets, notebooks, and backpacks.

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7. 4est Shades

brands that plant trees
4estshades/ Instagram

Imagine both looking cool and doing something cool! 4est Shades makes sunglasses with natural wood like maple and bamboo. And while you shop for a pair, they plant two trees. How cool is that! And along with making an impact on the planet, they also go easy on your pocket. So it’s a win for your pocket, style, and the planet.

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8. Ursa Major

brands that plant trees
ursamajorrvt/ Instagram

Ursa Major is one of our favorite and most sustainable brands for plant-powered face, body, and haircare products. They donate a dollar to plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. All of their products are inspired by adventure and infused with nature, with more sustainable packaging.

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9. Paper Culture

brands that plant trees
paperculture/ Instagram

Paper Culture design for a world of trees. Instead of cutting down forest to fill our order, Paper Culture use post-consumer waste and wood alternatives. They offset the carbon footprint they create and plant a tree for every purchase. Along with all that, they design aesthetic cards and all our stationery needs. This is one of our favorite companies that plant trees with every purchase.

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10. House Of Marley

brands that plant trees
houseofmarley/ Instagram

These eco-friendly speakers, earphones, and other music accessories from House of Marley contribute to worldwide reforestation addition, throughout their Project Marley give-back program, House of Marley offers a significant contribution to One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to worldwide reforestation. So far, the House of Marley has helped to plant more than 186,000 trees.

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11. MiaDonna

jewelry brand
miadonnadiamond/ Instagram

MiaDonna uses lab-grown diamonds and recyclable materials to make ethical and eco-friendly engagement rings, wedding bands, and ey make, MiaDonna plants a tree for every sale they make and donates at least 5% of the profits to the Greener Diamond Foundation, a non-profit organization.

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12. Aspiration

brands that plant trees
aspiration/ Instagram

It is a harsh truth that most of the world’s leading banks sponsor projects that are killing our planet. But lucky for us, eco-friendly companies are paving the way to change for good. Aspiration, a digital banking alternative that isn’t a bank, helps customers spend and save in environmentally friendly ways. With the Aspiration card, members can earn cashback at mission-driven retailers like Warby Parker and Girlfriend Collective while also knowing that their deposits are fossil-free, meaning they won’t be used to fund initiatives like oil drilling or pipelines. Aspiration’s Zero credit card also plants a tree for every purchase, allowing customers to reduce their monthly carbon impact while still earning rewards.

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Ultimately, growing trees is only one part of sustainability. What’s equally important is that these companies that plant trees with every purchase ensure they’re not damaging the planet while making a profit. They work hard to protect the environment and show a clear commitment to sustainable business practices. And we applaud their efforts. Planting trees may be a small step on the path toward clean energy, but it’s a step in the right direction, nonetheless.

Shopping has never felt so good! These 12 eco-friendly sustainable brands & companies plant trees with every purchase (and some of them will also plant a tree for every dollar you spend). It’s almost too good to be true — but it’s not — it’s actually the real deal!

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