9 Easy DIYs To Reuse Old Glass Jars At Home

Here's a way to contribute to a more low-waste world.

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  1. Empty glass jar usage in the kitchen
  2. Reusing old glass jars as decor
  3. Empty glass jar usage in the bathroom
  4. Other ways to reuse glass jars

So you have started a zero-waste journey, almost stopped using plastic in your kitchen, and replaced everything with sustainable alternatives. And one of the most marketed sustainable swaps to make in your zero waste routine is to switch to glass jars or containers. But what do you do with the glass jars when their content reaches its bottom? Definitely, it’s not possible to give all the glass jars to waste management recycling programs. Nor can we throw them all. But we can reuse those jars. So here we have mentioned some brilliant ways to reuse glass jars at home.

Empty glass jar usage in the kitchen

Empty glass jars have many uses in the kitchen. Here are the easiest ways to use them.

1. Serve drinks in them

reuse old glass jars for serving drinks.
Rene Asmussen/ Pexels

Reuse jars to serve drinks to your friends and family. Cocktails look aesthetic in glass jars.

2. Store leftovers

Instead of storing leftover food in plastic containers, use some empty jars to store the leftover in it.

3. To store herbs and spices

You can also use empty jars to store herbs and spices, not just the leftovers.

Some other ways to reuse glass jars in the kitchen

1. Store your dry nuts in them.
2. You can use the old jars to layer ingredients for making chocolate brownies.
3. Use old jars to pickle vegetables.

Reusing old glass jars as decor

This is the most fun part about reusing old things. You get to bring your inner artist out to give that old, rarely used thing a purpose.

1. As a centerpiece

Glass jars can be nice centerpieces for your table. Put some fresh flowers in the jar and place them in the center of the table. Or simply fill the jars with decorations and use them as centerpieces.

2. Hanging mason jar pendant light


To make this pendant light, you need to find a used vanity strip and so many old mason jars and follow the steps from remodelaholic.

3. Cluster lights for your porch

reuse old glass jars as decors

Upcycling glass jars into cluster lights is super easy and will be an attractive addition to your patio or porch. This can be an addition to your Christmas decor too. Hometalk has the easiest way to reuse glass jars as cluster lights.

Other ways to reuse glass jars for decorations

1. Make a galaxy nebula jar.
2. Or turn it into a wind chime.

Empty glass jar usage in the bathroom

Reusing glass jars in the bathroom is a no-brainer as empty glass jars have many uses here. You can use them to keep your toothbrushes, cotton balls, homemade shampoos, and much more.

1. For storage

reusing old glass jars in bathroom
Rohan Dalal/ Pexels

Glass jars are best for string things like q-tips, makeup remover pads, hair ties, cotton balls, etc. You can also reuse an open glass jar to keep your toothbrush and paste in it.

2. Reuse old glass jars as tissue holder

Take a jar with a very thin lid. Cut a small hole in the top (make sure the cut is smooth, so you don’t hurt yourself). Fill the jar with tissues, poke the top one through the hole, and voila! You have a glass tissue holder.

3. For storing homemade products

Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

If you love making beauty products at home, then you would need old glass jars to store. Use them to store your homemade toothpaste, shampoos, face scrubs, etc.

Other ways to reuse glass jars

different ways to reuse old glass jars
GoodGuilt/ Canva

  1. Use them to hold pencils and pens.
  2. DIY old jars into candles.
  3. Old glass jars also make up a really good flower vase.
  4. You can even use empty jars to store little things like rubber bands, push pins, and extra staples to keep everything around you organized.
  5. Ditch those plastic piggy banks. Instead, use old jars to put all your change in there.

So, stop putting all your old glass jars in the waste management recycling plan. Instead, reuse and repurpose old glass jars at home and contribute to a more low-waste world.

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