Simple Ways To Keep Your Reusable Razor Rust-Free

Keep your razor as good as new!

Reusable razors are making a comeback, and why not? They’re not just cheaper, but they’re also better for the environment. However, if you are like most people, you keep a safety razor in the bathroom, and you use it every now and then. But if you are someone who shaves on a regular basis, you know that keeping the safety razor in top shape can be a little difficult. If you leave your razor to air dry, it will grow little spots of rust and dull the blades in no time. Here are some tips on how to keep them rust-free and in tip-top shape.

Sustainable living isn’t only about buying eco-friendly products; it’s also about taking care of the things you already have and using them in the most optimal way possible. Get ready to check off these safety razor tips from your sustainability checklist.

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A reusable razor is part of every grooming kit. But then, after only a few uses, you notice that your safety razor has a problematic visitor – rust. With proper safety razor care and consciousness, you can avoid rust. Keep reading to find out how.

Simple hacks and safety razor tips

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From our very close friend, Google (of course), we found there are some very easy safety razor tips to maintain your razor and keep it rust-free.

Dry the razor after use

This goes without saying. Damp razors make it easy for rust to form. However, even a bit of rust can spread to the whole razor within just a few days. So, make sure you dry your reusable razor after each & every use. When you pat yourself with a towel, then dry off your razor too.

Store your razor in a dry place

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Your safety razor will last longer only if you store it properly. If you have already invested in a quality safety razor, then do yourself a favor and buy a stand to hold it. Or store or hang your razor properly to keep it dry. (Do not forget to keep it out of reach from kids).

Keep your razor away from the tub or shower

Find a place away from the tub or shower to place your safety razor. Also, try to avoid dropping the razor.

Ways of cleaning a safety razor

With a few easy hacks for cleaning a safety razor, you can keep your razor as good as new. Below are some safety razor tips to keep your reusable razor clean.

Cleaning hack 1:

Have you got an old toothbrush? Then, don’t just throw it away. Here’s a way to put that old brush to good use and continue on your zero-waste journey. Use that old brush to clean your safety razor.

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Rinse the razor with warm water. Put some liquid soap (any liquid castile soap would do) on it, and then use your old toothbrush to scrub it clean.

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Cleaning hack 2:

Separate the parts of the razor. Place them in a dish. Pour some white vinegar on it (just enough) to cover all the parts of your razor. Sprinkle some baking soda into the vinegar. You will see bubbles form and fizz. Leave it for 30 minutes or for an hour (but not much longer). Rinse the pieces with water, and wipe and dry them with a clean cloth. There, you have (almost as good as) a new razor!

Another easy method of cleaning your safety razor is to just rinse it off with warm water and dry it with a clean towel, after every use.

We hope you manage your safety razor care, to make it last longer with these easy methods. And if you are just transitioning to a zero-waste journey and looking to replace your single-use razor with reusable razors, then we have your back covered there too.

A great reusable safety razor for you

Allow us to introduce you to the Bambaw metal razor. It’s a great eco-friendly, plastic-free alternative! It is safe to say that it can attribute to zero-waste shaving.

These safety razors have only one single blade that’s made from stainless steel; so that’s easily recyclable. How often you need to change it, completely depends on the number of shaves. It can vary from weeks to months. So, it’s not only environmentally friendly but is also easy on the pocket. 

This reusable metal razor guarantees a close shave and no ingrown hair. If you’re looking for products for sustainable living, this is a great start. 

The handle of the razor is an alloy of copper and zinc that is corrosion-resistant. This assures you of a perfect long-lasting safety razor. Brass allows the razor to be well-balanced, which helps you achieve a smooth and close shave. That’s what every girl wants, right? For her legs and hands to feel feathery-soft to touch.

So, contribute your bit to saving the planet. Protect your legs (or arms) from ingrown hair and bumps. Along your zero-waste journey, save the landfills. Save the oceans. 

All you need to do is follow the safety razor care tips listed above. Because going zero-waste means buying something just once, taking care of it, and using it for a long time.

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