Easy Ways To Reuse Old Beauty Products At Home

Give the old ones a new purpose.

According to VogueBusiness, “Arnaud Plas, co-founder, and CEO of Prose says he’s done his own research and estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of beauty products, depending on the category, end up as waste.” Of course, beauty products are something that one can’t do without. But using beauty products doesn’t have to contribute to the planet’s waste. This is why we have brought you some amazing tips to reuse beauty products at home. 

How To Recycle Beauty Products

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Before we get into how to recycle any of our beauty products, let’s take a look at which beauty empties are suitable for recycling and which are not. Your beauty empties like glass bottles, metal bottles, cotton pads & buds, aerosols, and even plastic bottles can be reused, either at home or at local recycling centers. Mixed materials like make-up wipes (unless labeled as biodegradable), perfume & fragrance bottles (can only be partially recycled), small items, nail varnish bottles, and make-up brushes cannot be recycled.


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Lots of time, we end up with cleansers that don’t suit our skin. So if this happens to you, before throwing the cleansers away, you can think of easy ways to reuse them. Cleansers make up a good product to clean makeup brushes. You can also remove makeup stains from the sleeves or collars of your clothes, or you can even wash your face masks with cleansers. 

Eyeshadows, Highlighter, or Blush

Give a good mix and seal it with clear polish. That will help you reuse them. Eyeshadow and powdered blush can also be used as sparkly paint for any craft purposes by just adding glue to them.


A moisturizer is an awesome product to maintain the shiny glaze of leather bags, shoes, or belts. 


Toners that contain alcohol can be used to clean any glass surface. If the toner is without alcohol, then u can use it to clean shoes or furniture at home. 

Mascara Wands:  

Wash the mascara’s spoolie with soap and water. Then, reuse it to brush or shape your eyebrows, exfoliate your lips, or tame hair strands.  

Nail Polish:

Nail paints that have reached a point where they can’t be applied neatly on nails, may seem entirely useless. However, give them whole new life by using them to decorate photo frames, and tea light holders, giving your jewelry a new color, among other things.

Eyeliners And Lipliners:

There’s another simple procedure to make old eyeliners and lipliners reusable again; hold the eyeliner over a flame until it’s warm (but not melting), then set it aside to cool before applying. It works as liquid eyeliner and creates an amazing definition. By exposing an eyeliner to a flame, any bacteria that may have built up is killed, making it safe to reuse.


Your favorite lipstick can be turned into a tinted lip balm with a cool shade. Begin by heating up your expired lipstick to kill all of the bacteria. Combine it with vaseline or other petroleum jellies, and your new lip balm is ready to use.

Lip Balm:

And if there’s an old lip balm that you don’t use anymore, use it to clean your cuticles. Alternatively, apply it on the rough skin of the feet to soften the skin and prevent shoes from rubbing and forming blisters. It may also be used to repair a stuck zipper and is an excellent tool for keeping your shoes dazzling.

Recycling and reusing with a little bit of information and creativity can save the world from waste! 

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