10 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Are Perfect For New Plant Parents 

Green babies with no complaints & no demands! 🌱

Being a new plant parent can be exciting, yet challenging. Not only do you want to keep your new green friends alive, but you also want them to thrive. Are you looking to add some green to your space, but don’t have the time or patience for plants that require too much care? Here is a list of 10 low-maintenance houseplants that are great for new plant parents.

1. Pothos

low-maintenance houseplants - Pothos
BelleDecorPlants / Etsy

This is one of the best houseplants to put in a spot where it will get indirect light and maybe you don’t quite remember to water regularly. Pothos is known for its tolerance to low light, but it also just doesn’t need a lot of water. If you want to ensure your pothos stays happy and healthy, repot it into fresh soil with good drainage.

2. Succulents & Cacti

low-maintenance houseplants - succulents and cacti
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Succulents and cacti are the perfect low-maintenance houseplants for forgetful plant parents. They are generally slow-growing and drought tolerant. If you do forget to water them, it takes a long time for them to show signs of stress. Even when they do show signs like wrinkling leaves or curling stems, there’s still time for you to rescue them before they die.

3. Peace Lily

low-maintenance houseplants - peace lily
PlantTipz / Etsy

The peace lily is another great houseplant full of lush leaves that sprout delicate white flowers during the warmer months. This gorgeous plant can tolerate low light conditions and irregular watering intervals. Peace lilies will let you know when they need water by drooping over a bit. In addition, peace lilies are also the best air-cleaning houseplants to have indoors.

4. Snake Plant

low-maintenance houseplants - snake plant
TheOddFrond / Etsy

This resilient houseplant can adapt to a wide variety of conditions—it’s perfectly happy with low levels of light and infrequent watering. It’s even been known to survive in bathrooms with no natural light at all! However, the snake plant is also toxic to pets if ingested, so keep it out of reach if you have cats or dogs.

5. Spider Plant

low-maintenance houseplants - spider plant
HirtsGardens / Etsy

This low-maintenance houseplant is the best option for those who are not always home or who are out of town often since spider plants can go weeks without water. Just make sure you don’t overwater them —these babies will rot from too much water just as quickly as they’ll wither from too little!

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6. Rubber Tree Plant

low-maintenance houseplants - rubber tree plant
FancyPlantsyLLC / Etsy

This is an excellent choice for beginners. The rubber tree plant is tough, so it can handle some neglect and will still thrive. It doesn’t need much light or water, and it can grow up to 6 feet tall if you’re looking for a big impact! They like bright indirect light and occasional watering—let the soil dry out between waterings and they’re also known for their air-purifying qualities!

7. Ponytail Palm

low-maintenance houseplants - ponytail palm
TheNodes / Etsy

Yes, ponytail palm looks like a palm tree, but it’s actually related to agaves and yuccas. It stores water in its swollen base (which is why it’s often called an “elephant foot”), so you don’t need to water it very often. This cute, quirky, and low-maintenance houseplant can thrive in your home despite the low light. It needs porous soil that drains well and occasional misting.

8. Chinese Evergreen

low-maintenance houseplants - chinese evergreen
Theplantchica / Etsy

With its large, dark green leaves and contrasting white veins, the Chinese evergreen is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. It’s also great at removing harmful toxins from the air and adding moisture to the room by helping to increase humidity. The low-maintenance houseplant doesn’t require much attention at all, making it perfect for even the most forgetful of plant parents!

9. Philodendron

low-maintenance houseplants - Philodendron
theplantfarm / Etsy

Like pothos, philodendron comes in different shapes and sizes but is also very easy to care for. With its striking green leaves, it can be trained up a trellis or allowed to trail over the side of a hanging basket. They thrive in bright indirect light but can tolerate low light areas making them perfect for first-time plant parents.

10. Prayer Plant

low-maintenance houseplants - prayer plant
ThorsensGreenhouse / Etsy

This cute little guy gets its name from the way it holds its leaves up at night. The prayer plant doesn’t like to be moved and prefers filtered sunlight, so put it somewhere you can leave it for a while. It is also known for its beautiful leaf patterns. One of the best things about this low-maintenance houseplant is that it loves humidity, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a green thumb.

These low-maintenance houseplants are perfect for just about anyone looking for houseplants that require little to no maintenance on their part. And if you are a new plant parent yourself, we hope this list will be a good starting point!🪴

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