15 Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Toy Brands That Both Kids And Parents Will Love

Toys you'd want to spoil your kids with!

Let’s be honest. So many toys end up broken, in a toy chest, in the trash, or in the mouths of your kids! But did you know: you can totally avoid this by choosing sustainable toys for your children who deserve quality playtime?

Here’s Some Eco-Friendly Toys Your Child Won’t Ever Let Go Of!

Whether it’s a puzzle, a playhouse, or even bath toys, some of these incredible eco-friendly and sustainable toy brands will have you shopping right away! So head to the many great toy brands that make education and learning skills fun and undetectable. Presenting our list of little toy treasures that your child will absolutely love, and as parents, so will you!

1. Wobble Board – For Many Amazing Hours Of Fun!

Meet the Wobble Board, by Bunny Hopkins Toys that is bound to keep your kids entertained for hours! You can turn it upside down or use it as a slide or ramp to improve your kid’s balance. Of course, they’ll believe they’re playing, but they’ll actually be working on their gross motor abilities. The board is one of the best-selling fun open-ended toys built for perfection with vibrant hues. It is sustainably handmade by local artists in the U.S. One side is a bright rainbow, while the other is natural, combining the best of both worlds! This cutie is also the winner of the Gold Award at 2021’s Mom’s Choice Awards!

2. Wooden Camera Toy – For The Kid Who Loves Taking Pictures

These all-natural Wooden Cameras are the perfect size for little hands who enjoy pretending! It is beyond ideal, especially since it’s from Waves Of Grains with your little one shooting throughout their daily activities. But, if you pay attention, you might find out what your child loves. It’s a toy that’s free of plastic and will be treasured for years to come. They have a black and white chevron strap and are polished in a safe, organic coconut oil and beeswax paste. Choose from these sustainable toys in Walnut, Cherry, Aspen, or Mahogany wood cams.

3. Mystery Center Fantasy Dough – For The Inner Artist In Your Munchkin!

You’ll want to steal this dough from your kids. Allow your little explorers to scoop and smoosh their way through layers of vibrant hues and biodegradable glitter with Fantasy Dough. Don’t be amazed if you hear your child’s mental gears spinning as soon as they pick up this sculpting dough. Each premade scene, made with essential oils and plant-based colors, enables children to dig for buried riches, discover the magic of rainbows, and finally play with their food over lunch. The clay’s colors can be used separately or combined to create a unique blended tint. Let’s get rolling!

4. Wooden Cash Register – For The Imaginative Little Shopkeeper

The Grant family decided it was time to hunt for safer, more organic toys for their kids. That’s how the brand Pure Play Kids was born. A d, with 90% of eco-friendly toys created in the U.S., including wooden children’s toys like this Wooden Cash Register, we knew this brand had to be on this list. We’ve done everything as kids, from pretending to get an important call on a toy phone to playing shopkeeper and putting money in the correct slots of the register. Parents have given these sustainable products a nod, making this American toy a must-buy cute toy for your little angels.

5. Montessori Screw Driver Board – For The Carpenter In Training

The Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is a one-of-a-kind basic skill educational board that trains kids how to solve real-world problems independently. This set of organic toys teaches children (ages three and above) how to use a screwdriver, operate with various tools, and handle keys appropriately. In addition, they can safely practice removing and replacing the seven different insert screws while also improving their hand-eye coordination and motor abilities. But the best part is that they’ll think it’s fun!

6. Marshmallow Collection Bath Toys – For The Kid Who Needs Toys In The Tub!

It was love at first sight when we discovered Oil & Carol and their unique mold-free bath toys. That was impressive enough, but we are even more smitten after uncovering the Marshmellow Bath Toys Collection! Their bath toys are all so sustainable, non-toxic, and fun that we wonder if any parent would not buy them! Made from 100% natural rubber, you’d wonder why do we love their delightful animals so much? Apart from being in soothing pastel colors, these eco-friendly toys can also be used as rattles, teethers, and bath toys. Did we just hear a thank you for saving a few dollars?

7.  Sensory Play Mud Kitchen – For Little Hands, Ready to Rule The Kitchen!

Let’s face it; those little hands can be pretty helpful (and a treat to the eyes) in the kitchen. Monarch Studio Shop’s set of ultra-cute sustainable toys is an excellent choice for it. The Backsplash Mud Kitchen with two sinks simply takes 10 minutes to put together and is ideal for various activities, including water play, sand play, and sensory play. Allow your child’s creativity to run wild by providing them with pots and pans, natural things, and scoops to see what they can come up with. It’s designed to complement any outside setting, but you can also use it indoors to cook their imaginative supper.

8. Toy Wood High Wing Airplane – For The Budding Aviators

This Christmas season, let your budding aviator enjoy this toy. This airplane is a classic as it’s tough to imagine any child growing up without it. It’s small enough to sneak into your child’s pocket when you’re out traveling or waiting impatiently. It’s one of the cutest sustainable toys for tiny hands to let their imaginations soar. Natural wood and fine pine are used to create this Wood Fun Wood Shop High Wing Airplane for kids. It’s time to fly! ✈️

9.  Wooden Mini Bowling Set – For All The Future Bowlers

Which kid doesn’t enjoy knocking things over? They can now bowl in style with this adorable Wooden Mini Bowling Set. This sustainable bowling set from Shop Sunshine and Pine makes a great treat for kids of all ages. Little do they know that this bowling set is about to promote their hand-eye coordination and stimulate critical thinking, fine motor skills, and concentration. This summer, there will be no bowling outings with your pals. Instead, invite your friends and their kiddos for this super fun knocking session of these bundles of joy!

10. Wooden Dollhouse For Toddler – For The Imaginative House Owner

Decorative Wood Hobby’s eco-friendly Wooden Playhouse sparks the imagination from the start. It comes unpainted, allowing your little one to create their own imaginative world from beginning to end. This set of sustainable products, which includes 15 pieces of furniture and promised years of imaginative role-playing with the other little munchkins or you, is a must-add-to-cart this year! The best part about these wooden children’s toys is it doesn’t involve glue. So no more worrying about stickiness all over the floor or on that costly couch. Instead, we’ll now let your child’s motor skills and social-emotional development do the talking!

11. Colors N Eggs Bilingual Puzzle – For The Competitive Kiddo!

Begin Again those childhood days with your kids with one of the best toy brands here – Begin Again! The organic toys brand, which emphasizes using only sustainable products, is also concerned with how children play. We’ll know that children like role-playing and that their interests vary frequently – writer, inventor, hero, artist, and hero, to name a few. These toys, such as this Color N Eggs Puzzle, does precisely that. It combines a language learning toy with a character playset. It’s wonderful for encouraging storytelling and can also help your child build their motor skills.

Psst, parents relax knowing it’s made of sustainably harvested rubber wood and coated with water-based stains.

12. Wishbone Mini-Flip Racer – For The Racer In Your Kid!

Being a parent, you know that surprising your children with the things they desire is a magical experience. So why not get your child a toy that he will enjoy for years to come? The Wishbone Mini-Flip Racer is a classic rock and roll toy suitable for walking toddlers aged 1 to 3. The brand focuses on bicycles, tricycles, and flips, whereas the other best toys brands on this list make a variety of sustainable toys. In addition, wishbone designs are crafted from non-toxic glues and responsibly harvested wood. This racer cutie turns from a gentle rocker to an exciting ride-on toy in seconds; it will keep your child entertained for hours.

13. Farm Playset – For Kids Who Love A Day At The Barn

Made in the U.S., with a few Green Toys™’ creations bouncing around our home, they are a definite favorite. But hold on, the Green Toys Farm is having a busy day! For infinite imaginative play for your angel, this Farm Playset contains a barn, pick-up truck, farmer cow characters, sheep, pigs, fences, and a hog shed. Perhaps our favorite part of their range of eco-friendly toys is their innovative packaging. So chill mommy! This on-the-go sustainable toys set is so versatile that you won’t have to worry about it making a mess in your room!

14. Wild Pines Train Set – For Kids Who Loves Imaginative Games

Tender Leaf Toys, an eco-friendly toys brand, crafts unique wooden children’s toys, games, and puzzles for all ages of kids and toddlers. These products are made from sustainable rubberwood and painted with non-toxic paints is why we love this as one of the best toys brands. Being a parent-favorite brand, their sustainable toys section has a lot of cute stuff to offer, including the 30 piece Wild Pines Train Set. It is incredible for imaginative layouts and infinite storytelling! So, get your child this train set and, let them pave the railroad to their dream destination.

15. Let’s Go Walking Puppy – For The Always On-The-Go Child!

North Star Toys, a sustainable toys brand founded by a couple, is no exception for cute-looking, handcrafted toys. The brand focuses on handmade wooden children’s toys (nothing short of adorable) made from sustainable materials. But, of course, these organic toys aren’t the typical ones your kids might find at their aunt’s place or school. Today, the eco-friendly toys that have piqued our interest are like this one; last but not the least on this list – the Let’s Go Walking Puppy. Isn’t it a charmer?

With these eco-friendly toys, we hope you’ll be able to unleash your inner child while also spoiling your children. ❤️

Happy #SustainableToyShopping to you.

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