The Ultimate Guide For Thrifting Clothes

Thrift shopping tips that can change the way you shop.

Explore in this Article

  1. Make A Budget For Thrift Shopping And Stick To It!
  2. Support Thrift Stores In Your Community, By Shopping Locally
  3. Buy What You Love, And More Importantly, Love What You Buy!
  4. Check The Thrifted Clothes' Fabric Type And Verify The Quality
  5. Check The Washing Instructions On The Thrifted Clothing
  6. The Secret To The Hygiene Of Thrifted Clothes Lies In Your Home
  7. Hand Wash Thrifted Clothes; They've Been Through Enough, Already!
  8. Store Your Thrifted Clothes Well

To be honest, shopping can give you a buzz that no amount of caffeine can match! And what about thrifted clothes? That’s similar to adopting a pet and feeling on top of the world because you know you’ve been fortunate enough to get one. You’d agree thrifting is a superpower if you’ve spent most hours of your day trying to look like a diva or thrift shop like a boss. It’s a great feeling to find something you’re certain no one else has, and then grab it for a bargain. Can we just start with some super fun thrifting hacks?

Buying secondhand clothing is one thing, but caring for that fragile piece of clothing that has clearly gone through a lot, is quite another. So, we put together practical care thrifting hacks for thrifted clothing since it’s a common problem in the sustainable wardrobe world. These simple thrifting hacks and ideas will ensure that your compassionately thrifted clothes get a fresh chance at life and stay young forever.

Read on for the most effective thrift shopping tips and tricks.

Make A Budget For Thrift Shopping And Stick To It!

Shopping simply because you want something new or feel like it isn’t a smart habit to get into, especially if you’re trying to go zero-waste or opting for sustainable thrifting. Instead, thrift online when you are in desperate need (or awe) of them. Make a list of all the things you REQUIRE, a budget (too), and stick to it!

How much money are you willing to spend when you’re planning to thrift online or on a trip to the thrift store? What is the maximum amount you’d be spending on a piece of thrifted clothing? Are you going to a thrift shop to only buy clothes within your budget? Sticking to a budget will prevent you from making purchases, you’d probably regret later.

budget for thrift shopping
Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Support Thrift Stores In Your Community, By Shopping Locally

Choose to do something for your community today, rather than find something new with a mere tap of your phone. To reduce your carbon footprint in terms of travel, look for a secondhand thrift store in your neighborhood. This is one of those thrifting tips you’d appreciate over time and can definitely ask for some incredible thrift store secrets or thrifting hacks to get your hands on the coolest stuff! Believe us – the secondhand clothing game is obsessive. You’ll never love retail buying again, once you’ve discovered thrift shopping. (And the planet will be grateful to you, too!)

vintage thrift store
Luis Montejo/Unsplash

Buy What You Love, And More Importantly, Love What You Buy!

Want to go sustainable this year? Before you end up with a closet full of unworn clothes, remember to ask yourself these questions – “Can I wear this often? Is the fabric suitable for most seasons? Do I actually need this? Does it spark joy?

“How to thrift online?” is a question you may frequently ask yourself. Thrift shopping will bring you joy not only in the moment but also in the future. One of the best thrifting tips when opting for sustainable thrifting is making sure you love what you’ve bought. And oh, while you wear it too!

love what you shop

Check The Thrifted Clothes’ Fabric Type And Verify The Quality

Checking the fabric before even putting in $1 is important! It’s the best way to know the quality and the previous life of the clothing: e.g., cotton. But, only organic cotton is what you should choose as inorganic cotton requires a lot of water during production.

Ask yourself “if the stitches are starting to fray? Has the beloved clothing been worn so much that it has lost its purpose? Are there any stains or holes?” Don’t settle for worn-out thrifted clothing that’ll do you more harm than good. Some thrift stores will still try to sell you these old beauties. But instead, look for garments that are still in good condition or are hardly used.

checking fabric type of thrifted clothing
Liza Summer/Pexels

Check The Washing Instructions On The Thrifted Clothing

Some items call for extra attention, such as hand washing or hanging to dry. Make sure to read the washing instructions before checking the price tag. And if you won’t be able to follow the instructions on the label, skip the sustainable thrifting as you’ll only be adding to your wardrobe’s weight while also increasing your carbon footprint.

checking washing instructions of thrifted clothing
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The Secret To The Hygiene Of Thrifted Clothes Lies In Your Home

Here’s a happy fact: not all stains deserve chemical intervention, so bye-bye chemicals! When dealing with thrifted clothes or when you thrift online, start with what’s already in your kitchen. Using vinegar and baking soda is one of the best thrifting tips to get rid of the stains. Lemons can take care of most stubborn stains.

And if nothing helps, check out Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Brightener Liquid, which is a wholesome, thrifting hack forƒ your thrifted clothing and vintage laundry woes. 

washing thrifted clothes
Sarah Chai/Pexels

Hand Wash Thrifted Clothes; They’ve Been Through Enough, Already!

The care label may be missing or faded due to time, and of course, washing. When you come across a piece of clothing that doesn’t come with instructions on how to clean it correctly, hand wash it using stain removers and non-toxic, sulfate-free detergents like PUR Home laundry detergent. While you’ve already done your part by opting for sustainable thrifting, you can reduce your carbon footprint even further by hanging your clothes in the sun instead of machine drying them.

hand washing the thrifted clothes

Store Your Thrifted Clothes Well

The last but not least step to care for your thrifted clothes is by properly storing them. Hang up your sustainable thrifting pieces with enough space between them, to allow air to circulate and moisture to escape to avoid odors in your closet. The last step in cleaning and caring for your thrift finds is to store them with a fabric spray like Grow Fragrance inside your wardrobe, to ensure that it does not generate any strange odors.

storing well the thrifted clothes
Dan Gold/Unsplash

Thrifting is therapeutic, and um, we couldn’t agree more! We’ve tried and tested these thrifting tips, and trust me when we say, they work wonders!

Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up shopping on the whole. In fact, all we want for you is to have a guilt-free shopping experience by opting to thrift online or sustainable with these amazing thrift shopping hacks!

Also, being a planet and thrift shopping lover, do not forget to check out how you can help the planet, by thrifting?

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