10 Sustainable Jewelry Brands For Any Celebration

Jewelry that's stunning and worth every penny.

Are you looking to jazz up your outfits with some cool new jewelry for hot girl summer? Well, these sustainable jewelry brands are sure to give you some great vibes and inspo once you adorn them. We love them because they practice fair trade and also work with artisans from all over the world, keeping alive the art of talented craftspeople.

1. Soko

A fair trade brand that works with local artisans? Check! Uses sustainable materials? Check! Has upcycled goodies? Double-check! Based out of San Francisco and Kenya, the ethical, sustainable jewelry brand has caught our eye. This eco-friendly jewelry brand has a wide range of stunning sustainable earrings and pieces that can easily take an outfit from 0 to 100. They are inspired by tribal designs and some great ethnic vibes! This eco-friendly jewelry line has a luxurious aesthetic and we’re all for it.

We’re digging this Gold Accent Capsule Necklace and just can’t get enough of it. This piece has been handcrafted in Kenya and is plated with 24K gold.

What’s good – It’s a certified B Corp, it promotes fair trade practices and uses sustainable materials to make their pieces.

2. Omi Woods

This is one eco-friendly jewelry brand that’s just gotten it right! Here’s what we mean. They follow fair trade practices through which the gold used in their pieces are sourced from small-scale artisanal mines that propagate fair wages to the laborers. 

If you’re looking at a good gifting option for ethical, sustainable jewelry, Omi Woods has your back. Our current fav is their The Egyptian Coin Necklace Stack II. This piece without a doubt is sure to make a statement with any outfit you wear.

What’s good – Fair wages, promote ethical working conditions and materials that are conflict-free with regards to their ethical sourcing.

3. Attic

Something really cool about them is that they offer gold recycling services too! We can’t get over how classy and minimalist this Barrel Bracelet looks. This bracelet is made of 14k gold.

This brand holds a special place in our hearts. Why? Well, it shines a light on the hard work of all the talented craftspeople out there, crafts that are simply elegant and fine sustainable jewelry. Whenever possible, the Attic team makes it a point to only use recyclable gold. Most of the orders are custom-made, this, in turn, minimizes waste and makes the jewelry unique!

What’s good – Attic uses responsibly sourced materials and practices recycling. 

4. Aurate

Another cool brand that makes jewelry out of 100% recycled gold – Aurate. These pieces draw inspiration from NYC’s most iconic shapes like the Brooklyn Bridge, historic buildings, and more. These pieces are timeless and perfect for your everyday wear. Aurate’s sustainable jewelry is made by craftspeople of the seventh generation, no kidding! So yeah, you can feel proud, support a good cause and look graceful in their jewelry.

This Venus Organic Pearl Tri Gold Ring is a true masterpiece. It’s elegant, vintage-looking, and oh-so-timeless.

What’s good – Generational artisans, recycled materials, ethical working conditions.

5. Automic Gold 

We’re so proud to present Automic Gold, a queer-owned studio that makes use of only 100% reclaimed and recyclable solid gold. The gemstones they use are ethically sourced and mined, perfect for all genders that you can sport as casual, formal, or dressy accessories. 

Their ring sizes go up to a whopping 29 and are one of the only few fine ethical, sustainable jewelry brands to do that. The best part? They have free repairs for pieces up to six months post-purchase.

One of the pieces that really caught our attention is this Gemstone Septum press-on ring. They have a pierced version for this ring as well.

What’s good – Metals and gemstones are responsibly sourced & they’re size-inclusive.

6. Miadonna

It’s safe to say that Miadonna has a gift and collection for all kinds of special occasions. Be it an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a birthday or an anniversary present. Trust Miadonna to have your back. 

It’s always nice to have a good pair of diamond studs as they go on literally EVERYTHING! This Lilac Stackable Engagement Ring is a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth it as these diamonds are lab-grown and made of 14k white gold. When it comes to sustainable earrings or even their sustainable jewelry, on the whole, Miadonna is one brand to look out for.

What’s good – They only use lab-grown diamonds and 100% recycled metals. So you can rest assured and wear these diamonds guilt-free.

7. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is not just a normal store but it’s like a marketplace that connects you with talented artisans all over the globe. So when you purchase anything from Ten Thousand Villages, know that it directly post-purchase contributes to sustaining the lives of craftspeople all over the world and keeps the art of that said craftsmanship alive. In this case, jewelry. 

We’re really vibing with this Lotus Cuff Bracelet that was handcrafted in India and finished with brass silver. A unique piece that’d go on dresses, casuals, and formals alike. Ten Thousand Villages truly does sustainable jewelry right, thanks to its fair trade practices, 

What’s good – They promote artisans from all over the world.

8. Astor + Orion

Y’all, this brand needs more attention and recognition. It’s a woman-owned business that strives to make affordable and ethical, sustainable jewelry with the use of recycled materials. Each piece is hand-sculpted, so one can say they were crafted with love. 

Look at how cute this Good Luck Charm Necklace is! It has been cast with recycled 18k gold.

What’s good – The jewelry is made in Thailand with fair trade practices and a safe work environment in place.

9. Nisolo

A brand with an out-of-the-world exquisite eco-friendly jewelry collection, Nisolo makes its pieces in collaboration with artisans from Mexico, Kenya, and Peru. 

They’re best known for their minimalistic and sustainable earrings. Like these dangling Link Earrings. These can go with both formal and casual attire. We love the versatility of this pair (must-have sustainable earrings in your collection)!

What’s good – They provide fair trade and safe working conditions for their employees and work with skilled craftspeople. Their production is ethical and the materials used are responsibly sourced.


10. Boma

Formerly owned by a Thai couple, Boma is now run by their daughter Suzanne Vetillart. This brand stands strong because of its commitment to maintaining sustainable and ethical standards while making these pieces. 

Boma is best-known for unique and funky earrings and one that particularly caught our attention was these cute Planet Studs. These sustainable earrings are not just handcrafted, but also made of reclaimed precious metal. The best part? They have a lifetime warranty. So if in the future you damage any of your jewelry from Boma, they have you covered.

What’s good – They upcycle metals and gemstones whenever possible and give back by supporting girls’ education.

Add these lil trinkets of joy to your life while you remain guilt-free, consciously as you shop for sustainable jewelry. These are just some of our favorite jewelry brands, if you think we missed out on any one of your favs, do share with us!

Yours Ethically,


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